Absolute Carnage Spec

I have been hearing rumors on this one.Absolute Carnage #1 Young Guns has a new Hobgoblin on the cover. The new Hobgoblin will be appearing in Absolute Carnage Lethal Protectors #2. Anyway, the rumor is she is Shriek who first appears in Spiderman Unlimited #1


Isn’t that Demogoblin on the cover? So Shriek is set to become the new Demogoblin?

Thats what the rumor says

How does a skeletal pterodactyl/bird thing create/maintain lift for flight? :thinking:That better be a magical pterodactyl/Bird thing on that cover.

Are you expecting a price rise to any of them? Absolute Carnage Young Guns Variant is still listing at or below cover. Spider-man Unlimited #1 has always been up as part of the Maximumm Carnage series.

It remains to be seen. But that’s why it is called speculation.

yeah, I had posted about the fact that the demogoblin on Kuder’s variant had breasts awhile on a fb group but I think many didn’t notice/disregarded it.

Looks weird to me. 6 copies over cover plus shipping right now.

More than a dozen still below.

I only ordered 2 copies to begin with and one of those went with the every cover up to 200 qty ratio discounted variant package and all the walk-ins have left this one extra on the shelf all week picking other covers.

Physics do not apply in comic books… :wink:

You have to post it over here and not Facebook. We pay attention.

Facebook is the devil…

Dun dun dun duuuuuuuuhhhh!!!



DEMIGOBLIN AND SHRIEK = SHRIEKOBLIN[quote=“agentpoyo, post:2, topic:524, full:true”]
Isn’t that Demogoblin on the cover? So Shriek is set to become the new Demogoblin?

Apparently they aren’t loose. The back page has the inside cover side ad replaced with the sketch so there’s only one place to check and I would assume that means they’ll all be the same front cover.

Not having it loose but instead as part of the book should qualify this as a distinct comic book variant now correct?

20 maximum in existence puts this in the 4 digit figure range scarcer than even most of the 1/5000 ratio’s?

I dont think they would be considered ‘variants’. Its a regular book with a sketch, just like if you got Bagley to do a sketch in your book, at a con. If they were to consider them ‘variants’ per se, then Id imagine all 20 sketches are unique in some manner, and therefore each of the 20 would be 1 of a kind. But, 1 of a kind sketches are only valuable if there is a demand. Im not so sure that a rough Bagley sketch is worth 4 figures. I am now curious as to what Bagley OA would go for?

This sketch though is on a page added in place of a missing ad so that’s got to count for some level of variant distinction that no other variant would.

I would think the book itself is the variant and the sketch is the unique part like getting sketches drawn on blanks. Think of it as the Blank Inside Back Cover Frame Variant that’s prefilled with unique art.

I have seen Lady Deaths with $7,500 asking prices for a comic that only had 26 copies. I’d be really curious to see one of these go through an E-bay auction just to see what happens.

Still have one factory sealed box of 80 copies to open sometime.

I would say it’s a secret hidden variant then…

Why does this matter?

Are you wondering what it would be called if slabbed?

Probably a notation on the label that states “includes original sketch by mark Bagley, 1 of 20 made).

The sketches numbered. That could also help with the distinction.