Absolute Carnage Spec

Why would anyone slab these? Then you could never see the sketch. :frowning:

same is true for any slabbed comic…can’t read it or flip through the interior if it’s slabbed.

True but you can always find a digital version or another copy to read. If this is a one of a kind sketch, slabbing it means you never can view the sketch again, unless you crack it open.

Take a picture before slabbing…then it’s digital like your example. :grin:

Why does this matter?

4 found so far it seems. I was thinking 4 digits but it appears 5 digits are in the mix as well.

I have cases 444 and 445 of 544 according to the label used to send them to Diamond.

Each case has 80 copies of the A cover of Absolute Carnage.

Does that make the A Covers print run 43,520?

Sounds low to me but it is an expensive comic

‘ throwing around all sorts of figures, offering up to $20,000 for one. Which, yes, is ridiculous. But, yes, may also be true.’

That last line is quite telling about the legitimacy of the information provided. ‘May also be true’. Sounds like an article based on no evidence. Pure speculation with zero justification. You can not take BC at face value. These sketch books are worth nothing until a copy is sold on the secondary market. Has there been any sales of said Bagley sketch books yet?

They can always see how much they’re worth by putting them up for auction and let demand set the price. If people are willing to spend, they’ll bid on them. It’s the only real way to determine an objects worth. Just saying it’s worth $20k potentially doesn’t make them worth that much.

So far it’s worth cover price.

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I think you should hold off unboxing them until all sketches are found…then if one is still out there auction the box off…like the last golden ticket!

“I can personally guarantee, ladies and gentlemen, that this is the one and only, the absolutely last case of Absolute Carnage #1 left in the World.

Shall we start the bidding at one thousand pounds? Do I hear one thousand pounds? Fifteen hundred pounds? Two thousand? I have two thousand five hundred here! Four thousand pounds?

Forty-five hundred pounds! Five thousand pou…Your Majesty!”

Love original Wonka…

Detective: “Mrs. Curtis, did you hear me? It’s your husband’s life or the case of Wonka bars…!

Mrs. Curtis: “How long will they give me to think it over…?”

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Too late. Morning project. It was kind of like that feeling of getting a lottery ticket. Visions of maybe getting a vehicle and taking a day off from the store dancing in the head while checking. Maybe a little something to offset some of the cost of those unopened cases of Fantastic Four #1, Return of Wolverine #1 and Uncanny X-Men #1.

I estimate Diamond’s owed me between $1,000 and $3,000 for over a year now I’m still waiting for the paperwork on.

Totally. Im not shitting on The Bagley sketches one bit. I think it is an absolutely magnificent idea by Marvel. It is a lot of fun having a real life Wonka search. I just wanted to clarify that BCs guess at the value of the sketch books is not what the market has dictated. I really want to see one go to auction. Now would be the time, I think. First to market should do quite well, given the excitement.

That’s what I was saying as well. Until there’s an actual sale, these sketches could be worth $100, $1000 or $10000… I think it also depends on the character as well that was sketched. A Spider-Man sketch could fetch more than a Venom sketch cause there’s more Spider-Man fans out there…

If I found one, it would already be listed… :slight_smile:

I wonder if CGC would consider making a slab for ‘opened’ comic books. Eg. The Bagley Sketch. Slab the book with the book open to the page with the sketch. And you would still see the front and back cover the cover on the other side of the slab. :thinking: That wouldnt be great for the spine, granted.

Haha… do they assign the grade before or after they open the book and destroy the spine… :wink:

We should also consider that there may be books w/ the sketch, in possession of some unaware reader(s). There are still a lot of comic book readers who dont visit the speculation sites. This may take years to discover all of them, and have them all be known to the general masses.

Very true as well. A lot of people buy books and never open them.

The speculators were looking on Wednesday. Im sure if anyone who visits any spec site found one, it would be posted, and making the rounds. If the speculators, Wednesdays Warriors and store owners like BJ haven’t found them yet, this could take a while.

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