After the Marvel phase 4 announcements, what specs died?

Given the phase 4 announcements today, I’m assuming any Ironheart spec (at least MCU related spec) is dead…at least for the next…what 3-5 years?

Is there any other spec you all are thinking about giving up on or shelving given today’s announcements?

Moon Knight doesn’t seem it will be made anytime soon now that Blade is announced.

Have to agree. I think Moon Knight is going to be a long hold for those spec’n on him. Can see it happening at some point though.

Which is a bummer. Would’ve loved to see John Wick play Moon Knight. Maybe it’s wishful thinking to see cheaper Werewolf by Night 32s but perhaps Moon Knight 1s might come down a bit.

RIP Black Knight spec. (Wait…Could he come in through he Eternals? Was there Sersi casting today? I don’t remember seeing any. Either way, I still think RIP Black Knight spec.)

Will also never be any Netflix characters to cross into the movies since Cottonmouth is now Blade. So DD, JJ, IF, Luke Cage are Dead Specs as of now.

I would have to say A-Force or anything with an all female cast is looking like it is going to be a little ways down the road.

I think the Marvel Britain character movies are going to have their own phase 1,2,3 that’s why not a single mention today. There’s proof that Black Knight was casting and in early stages of production at Pinewood Studios in the UK.

I thought I read somewhere that a Marvel exec was teasing a female-centric GOTG? I’m sure it was from a click-baity site. Perhaps maybe folks misinterpreted Jane Foster Thor as the “female-centric GOTG” with the whole Thor/GOTG Ass-GOTG mashup?

Oh man, multiple phases happening concurrently? I don’t know how to feel about that.

Black Knight could easily be involved with the Eternals at some point so ya never know. Maybe even in a later phase. I didn’t here who will play Sersi. Will be interesting since she is supposed to be the main character. Doesn’t Marvel have another event in August (Disney D23)? If so I am sure they are holding some announcements for that if they are expected to show…

There’s a number of spec potential in some of the new X Titles announced today also. The trick is figuring out which issue of HOX and POX has the 1st of each.

Do you find reading the Hickman tea leaves difficult for spec purposes?

With Hickman’s plot development style, its going to take a bit more divining than merely reading the solicits and buying 1-2 issues before and after a new character mention in a Previews blurb.

Also, does putting Hickman on New Mutants mean Marvel is leaning towards release the New Mutants movie? (Reasoning: big writer on book raises awareness). There is no way that the New Mutants would be the first mutant movie for MCU is there?

They already have New Mutants movie scheduled for next April 3. It’s a race to see if they come out before DC finishes Doomsday Clock. It’s going to be close.

A lot of the books selling well tonight are in this list.

I don’t know what the future holds for X. I still have “To Me My Naked X-Men” from HOX #1 stuck in my head. It’s going to take a full issue or two to clear the pervy vibe out. I was excited to see Fallen Angels on the list but now that I see the write up and image it doesn’t appear to be anything close to what I loved about the original series. That female Captain Britain mix could be new or any of dozens laying around dollar bins in old Excalibur issues. There’s another one that shows a list of all the X-Men on the moon. The list seems to include just about everyone they spent the last 3 months killing off in Uncanny which makes me wonder what the point of the last 10 issues or so even was. I put another message up earlier today with a link to all the new X-titles and stuff.

I see them hocking Thor 337 still on a certain other spec site we all know, but to me that’s very dead spec for now. When was Beta Ray Bill ever confirmed? It was only a rumor and it’s a ways away if at all.

I was also unclear if Hemsworth is starring in Thor 4, or if Portman is the star. I don’t really see the point in brining Valkyrie back for more, never really warmed to her.

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Could be. Still a lot up in the air, but at least we have a direction the next phase is going.

Valkeryie has tie in’s to a lot of potential stories from Lady liberators to Defenders to even the current Jane Valkeryie comic series from WOR Omega a couple weeks ago. Defenders in particular I was REALLY hoping for since they already have Hulk, Dr Strange, Hawkeye and Valkerie already in the MCU available. They could have maybe walked in most of the TV series as well from Hellcat to Luke Cage getting some use out of them while the TV shows are trapped in can’t be used on Disney or Hulu for two years after ending on Netflix hiatus. A great way to walk in a furry Beast, Iceman, Namor and even Silver Surfer in a pre Galactus story if they wanted and even Gargoyle used would provide a new batch of toys to take to market while maybe setting up some tie-ins to the tv shows that are getting made with Son of Satan.

People were HIGH on a Young Avengers series/movie at one point. Aside from Kate Bishop, that doesnt seem to be in the cards at this point.

Youre right, I dont think it was ever confirmed. But I believe the spec was that Bill would be in GOTG 3, not Thor.

Just sayin’.

I’ve literally had a short box of Savage She-Hulk sitting on the bed for over a year now waiting. Nothing announced yesterday either streaming or team related to excite?

Power Pack - I would have hoped for an early use now as younger so by the time they get around to something Young Avengers sized they’d be old enough to participate while opening the door for X-Men tie ins.

Spider-woman- Captain Marvels best friend who saved her life when rogue tried to kill her. Missed opportunities all over the place there to tie into some Spider love, Brotherhood of Evil Mutants and X-Men intro doors into the MCU.

I too grabbed some savage she-hulk and Spider-Woman 1s. I think I read (was it from CHU forums or somewhere else?)that she-hulk is tied up with Universal and can’t do stand-alone movies but has to pull a Ruffalo type appearance.

I agree. I don’t see either entering soon. Perhaps there is hope in Disney+ or Hulu but tv spec gains don’t seem to match that of movies.

With yesterday’s announcements, I don’t see as a coherent nucleus’s as the first three phases. I also read somewhere that there is going to be two big bads. That and Alana saying there might be multiple separate phases (see Black Knight post in this thread) could make the MCU one big mess.

I know…in Feige we trust right? But still, I’m a glass half full guy. With trying to keep one cinematic universe (I’m assuming their doing this) between movies, Disney+ shows, the previous ABC shows, the former Netflix shows, the Hulu animation series, and the possible Hulu live action more adult series speculators are hoping Daredevil lands in two years, this could all be one big mess trying to keep everything straight.