Agatha Disney+ show

I may have, though I don’t think I may have said something about The Marvels? But besides changing her powers I enjoyed it. I will stand behind this trailer being a steaming pile of shit. Regardless of my obsessions with the main actresses.

I generally don’t go into many (any?) Marvel movies or shows expecting to hate it. Some are great. Some not so great. It’s all good.


True, but this is modern Disney. Their once stellar track record is so tainted now with lack of quality it just gets more and more disappointing. I am going with the D-rog approach. Go in with low expectations and hope to be pleasantly surprised.

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Isn’t that how we should treat everything like this though? I usually go into everything with low to zero expectations… you just set yourself up if you don’t.

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These days, pretty much, but there was a time where you just had that feeling what was coming out was going to be good to very good. Now there is always that fear of will it just suck or suck a lot. So, I do think most everyone should shift gears and lower expectations. Being pleasantly surprised is always welcome. I did that with the Acolyte. The first two episodes were slow and OK, but nothing off the charts awful, so I was thinking it was going to be one of those good cases of entering without high hopes…then I watched a couple more episodes. Oh well. At least I tried and gave it a chance. Maybe the new Agatha show will be a fun ride with some Insite to some of the future MCU projects hinted at. We will see.

Honestly I feel like people have such rose tinted glasses for the MCU and act like every release pre end game was a 10/10 when in reality the output has usually been hits and misses. Iron man 2, Thor 1 and 2 ant man were pretty meh movies and I vividly remember the massive hate Iron Man 3 got. I think with a franchise 22+ movies deep theres going to be some inconsistencies and there have been plenty of great stuff post end game, X-men 97, No way home, guardians 3, Black panther 2, werewolf by night etc. Can’t wait to hear everyone rave about Deadpool and wolverine and how the mcu is saved only for whatever is after to have people say THE MCU IS DEAD DISNEY KILLED MARVEL for the millionth time