Agatha Disney+ show

I would pick up first Nicholas Scratch and first Salem 7 if you don’t have them.


Good tip

Im guessing this show will deal with Chaos magic…

There’s also The Coven - Coven (Witches) (Earth-616) | Marvel Database | Fandom

@Kevin maybe Jennifer Kale is in it :relaxed:

Any other ideas ?

leaks from that guy have been mostly confirmed, not many misses yet. i think kale is a lock

Nicholas Scratch, the Salems Seven, Druid, Voodoo, that far down the line you could even have mutants like Emma or Magik, Enchanters three, I think Mordo could be in it based on scenes cut from Dr Strange 2.

Topaz and Satana

Lilith they will need for Midnight Sons could appear here

of course you would pick them…


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Think we’ll see more Nexus Beings introduced ?

Mordred the Mystic, Topaz, and Taboo are all good picks imo.