Agatha Disney+ show

I would pick up first Nicholas Scratch and first Salem 7 if you don’t have them.


Good tip

Im guessing this show will deal with Chaos magic…

There’s also The Coven - Coven (Witches) (Earth-616) | Marvel Database | Fandom

@Kevin maybe Jennifer Kale is in it :relaxed:

Any other ideas ?

leaks from that guy have been mostly confirmed, not many misses yet. i think kale is a lock

Nicholas Scratch, the Salems Seven, Druid, Voodoo, that far down the line you could even have mutants like Emma or Magik, Enchanters three, I think Mordo could be in it based on scenes cut from Dr Strange 2.

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Topaz and Satana

Lilith they will need for Midnight Sons could appear here

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of course you would pick them…


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Think we’ll see more Nexus Beings introduced ?

Mordred the Mystic, Topaz, and Taboo are all good picks imo.

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I can see Lilith appearing in the not so distant future. Her first appearance “Giant-Size Chillers Featuring The Curse of Dracula #1” has gotten pricey over the past five years or so. Lower grades are still affordable.

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not exactly 100% spot on, but…close

Wiccan ?

Probably Nicholas Scratch also if Dottie is returning maybe she actually is Mephisto :joy:


Teens in general have a twisted sense of humor, gay or straight or any other sexuality. I worked with teens for one of my nonprofit jobs and dear God their jokes.

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