Alien Variant Covers

Just dropped these are all I found so far 17 covers. Will update as they come.


I like the Venom one best (it’s got MONEY written all over it)! Some of them seem very bolted-together (as in, the parts are too disparate).

That Fantastic Four one is admittedly clever.

I like them but I’m not buying them… themed variants are buy if you like, usually they’re not spec worthy…

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Oh yea, and it’s also got Unknown Comics Virgin Variant written all over it too…


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My top 3 would be Venom, Wolverine, and Avengers. I might buy a couple of those books as they are titles I personally collect. Definitely wont be buying the entire list though.

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I’ll grab the Venom, KIB, and Peach. Maybe two of the Venoms.

Hard to argue with that.

Now that I think about them, at least the meeting on the Guardians cover is plausible. And I’m going to assume Drax has already been swallowed and is fighting his way out like GotG 2.

I like some of the covers but don’t like seeing Aliens in Marvel comic books. I don’t think there’s much more room for them with the Brood and Symbiotes already being the Aliens of Marvel and copies of “Aliens” to begin with. You could write a Kraven vs Predator one shot I would read that but I don’t want to see Galactus take on the Hive Queen.

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Now its just a matter of time before Social Justice Alien and Gun Free Zone Predator make their first appearances.


Why Aliens and why now? Is there a new movie coming out that I don’t know about? An anniversary or something?

Side note: I still think Raised by Wolves needs an Alien appearance in a future season. It already feels like a Prometheus spinoff.

Marvel retained the rights to Aliens from Dark Horse.

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It was sooooooo good though. Those devolved running around and people eating them. I was like oooo snap! Im looking forward to season 2 if they have it.

Season 2 is already ordered. And agreed, it was my favorite show of 2020 so far.

Damn guess I gotta watch it. So mad HBO max isn’t on roku platform. can only watch it on PC. Still haven’t activated my free trial from AT&T

Shang Chi cover looks like a dance-off.

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I thought the flying Eel is pretty much a differently evolved Xenomorph. At least I think that’s what they were going for.

I honestly do not think that the Aliens franchise is going to merge with the 616, or any super hero comic universe.
I’m on the fence about Disney’s acquisition of the Aliens/Predators. On one hand, Im glad they are out of Fox’s hands, as Fox hasn’t had a good Aliens, or Predator, film since Predator 2. On the other hand, I’m skeptical about what Disney may, or may not, do to that/those universes, but I am looking forward to any new Aliens projects, with reserved expectations.

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