Amazingly nice newer Vampirella Cover

I’m not sure who the cover artist is. Maybe no actual pages in it either. Gonna stick it on a new comic wall.!


The face looks like she is twelve years old…the rest of her, not so much.


That cover is oddly disturbing to look at. There is so much wrong with that figure. Her veiny boob is bigger than her 12 year old head. I can’t unsee this, can I?


Her head is a little small for her body.


the wonders of silicon :rofl:


That’s not a outfit, looks like paint dripping over her body.


I don’t understand the hair, it’s like wet yet her whole body is not wet at all. Or super greasy.

I think the artist is trying to imply she’s wet. That’s why her outfit looks like it’s red paint, the way ti’s sticking to her body…

Meh. Looks robotic.

You’ve seen boobs before, right?

Lol…Boobs are veiny. And big uns got lots of veins :). On Ebay the picture didn’t look as good as the book having it here to look at. I’m trying to figure out the hate on this one. It’s exciting , different, edgy. I’ll admit I had this on my watchlist for more than a week. The more I kept seeing it, it was like damn, already…just buy it.

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Besides Ebay, anyone know who has this exclusive of this muscular veiny boob chick? :joy:

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Why did you assume that the descriptive word ‘veiny’ meant that I had not seen a boob before? Weird leap, imo. :man_shrugging: I digress. :v::beers:


Artist is Kyu Yong Eom
I see her exclusive at a terrible place nobody should order from Search: 10 results found for "kyuyong" | ComicXposure

Edited post for clarity.

Thank you! Hearing past horror stories about this company and people not receiving their books is enough to make me pass on it.


ComicXposure… no thanks. Avoid that monstrosity of a comic shop at all costs… I’d rather eat horse shit covered with maggots than order from that store.


I agree. DO NOT order from them. I was beat once by them and there will not be a second time.
Stay far away…

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Original idea was to see if anyone was familiar with the artist and publisher. I think these are not Dynamite. Unauthorized possibly, and cease and desist. IDK, I see different artists posting sketches. Some are really bad. These happen to be quite detailed. Digital of course.

Came off Ebay. Thanks for the warning on the shop.

My only point was boobs are veiny.

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