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Yeah, it’s just poking fun at the nerds that think Star Wars should be all light sabres and special powers.

Watched the latest episode last night and the only part that sucks is I have to wait a week for more!


I’ve been b*tching about Star Wars TV for a while. Mando and Boba just do zip for me. Seems like the writers put all the nostalgia they could think of on a dart board and just started chucking darts.

Andor is perfect. It’s about story and characters and acting and just tiny, tiny hints at nostalgia. It’s so freakin’ good. I typically rank MCU over SW, but Andor is maybe better than any MCU show. Love it.


GOD DAMN this show is great !!!



My heart sank for Kino.

Spoilers in the link below.


I was thinking, could he maybe grab something to float with? Use as a kick board? That was a bummer. That’s how Andor gets you. The show sets you up for something to work out and then punches you in the gut.

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He could have just used another guy?

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Another great episode. Next week is going to be the big showdown that’s been building for 11 episodes.

And then we’ll have to wait for at least a year before the next episode!! :tired_face:

I’ve been watching the episode breakdowns afterwords. One had an interesting theory that B2EMO will become K-2SO. B2 → K2. Obviously the droid isn’t around in its current form for Rogue 1.

I guess it’s been floating around for a bit…they’ve invested in the character development. They could just off him like other characters because a big theme with this series is the sacrifices necessary to stop such a large presence and momentum of the Empire.

I’m thinking “EMO” stands for “EMOtional Support” Droid. Seems like he’s got more an emotional attachment than other droids we’ve seen, save Lando’s co-pilot.


If this doesn’t get you to watch the show…

Well…you suck.

“Chosen by happenstance” is my favorite part.


Brilliant! I can’t wait for the finale tomorrow. Then I think I am going to do a re watch.

Heads up, tomorrow’s episode has a post-credits scene.

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My dog and/or daughter have a habit of waking me up at any/all hours of the night. This might be the one time I welcome it.

That post-credit scene!


Great finale of a special TV show. I can’t wait a year+ for more!!

Last episode made up for the previous weeks one. I enjoyed the series a lot more than I thought I would have at the beginning.

Overall my favorite Disney+ series this year.

I felt the last episode was a little bland. I think I was expecting more of a direct confrontation between Andor and the Imperials. But they seemed like they were not prepared for any resistance…and the decision making once the chaos started was extremely poor and disorganized.

Obviously that’s been Andor’s point, and what he plays to his strength. They are so confident, they think having power is all you need. But power doesn’t mean they are in control.

So I get it from that perspective…but wanted something more.

Regardless, still enjoyed the ending and it’s going to be tough waiting for season 2!


This show has been great! The writing has been fantastic, and the dichotomy between this show and She Hulk are galaxies apart. I think many missed this show for the rubbish that was She Hulk, but hopefully give it a chance and see that there are still well-written shows that D+ can put out.


Word! :100: :100: :100:

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