Anthony's Pickups

So I got a collection back in December. When we were moving. Amidst the Chaos they got lost in the shuffle. Here are the cool books I pulled form them. It is worth the watch. Marvel keys and minor keys.


oops uploaded the unfinished version, will have the correct one up shortly.

Ok fixed


Great stuff, Tony. I’m jelly about all those early ASMs. :star_struck:

They were nice, I have a good asm collection and these added nicely to them

Haven’t done one of these in a long long time, but picked up a kooky cool collection of Bronze age Horror mags.


I do not know why the frame they used for the title makes it look like I am going over the hill on a roller coaster, need to fix that

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Keep it the same, it makes your video a wild ride!

Great books!!! love the old Horror covers and stories. I have a few but would love to find some like your score, congrats!!!.

Thanks Jim. I got lucky. It was at an out of the way comic shop I don’t go to. He apparently pulled some really good books out of the boxes and sold them to make his money back plus profit. A friend of mine called me and tipped me off. I went in and bought all the books he had.


I was thinking you looked mid sneeze.

Did your wife get the Jeep and you just got the hat?

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Who is that bearded man in the video….seems vaguely familiar….might have done some videos long time ago…New Comic Spec Review or something…?

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You know it’s funny people actually reacted well to me doing a video again. I may bring back the New Comic Spec Review.

Also. No @Alana she gave up on wanting to drive my Jeep.

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My kids actually demand to go in my jeep now.

But that may be because I blast the radio with their favorite music…the wife listens to 80s stations in her car.

I laughed two the 80’s alternative station, the 90’s alt station, and the punk rock channel on Sirius. Kids like driving with me with the doors off and with headphones on.

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I run across Eeire and Vampirella quite often, but I have not realy seen those Tales books before, but the covers are great.

Yeah. I see Warren books from time to time but Eerie Publications and Skywald books are really hard to come by. I have a pretty good collection of them. I have a bunch of duplicates I may put up on my Monday whatnot show.

Here are the books I got that we were talking about over in the Modern Comics Heating Up thread.


Those misfits figures are siiiiiick. You get the stuff from yesterdays Co at SDCC when they release em?