Anthony's Sales for December

Ok so I figured I would give this a try. I had a pretty good December. I started selling on Mercari for one. I have been taking profits from my sales and dropping it into a micro-investing app called Acorns and dropping $5 a week in there, plus rounding up my debit card purchases so the change goes in. It has been fun watching the account grow for my kids and getting dividends and seeing returns on it. The kids are excited to see it grow each week. So not only buying new comics but doing a little side investment for their future.

Anyway, here is what I sold this month.
Cult of Dracula #1 sold 5 copies. Paid less than cover for most.

Cult of Dracula #1 1:5 Variant. Sold 3 copies of this, again around cover and sold for a nice profit.

Last Ronin #1 sold 4 copies this month

Also sold 3 copies of the Last Ronin #1 1:25 variant for a huge profit.

Sold a couple of copies of the CHU Atoll Variant as part of the Black Friday deal I kept going. Also out of that sale sold a Suicide Squad #1 TCM Variant, Grimm Fairy Tales TPB, DC Crimes of Passion TCM Variant, Unbeatable Squirrel Girl TPB, Red Riding Hood TPB, Dark Multiverse Knightfall, and a couple of other small things. These were not money makers but things I picked up cheap to have the deals.

Speaking of CHU Deals, sold 5 Blind Mylars on the forum. These were promo copies of a We Live Variant I was sent. Made no money on them but that’s the way these should be.

And sold 2 We Live #2 1:10 Variants, I did make money off these.

Sold 2 Department of Truth #1 Third Eye Variants, paid $20 each and sold them for $80 each so a nice markup.

Faithless II #6 1:15 variant for about 4 times what I paid.

Recent options lead to sales of a Set of Naomi #1-6 at way more than the cover

same with WYRD #1-4 sold on the announcement at a huge markup.

Again, Disney Investors Call lead to a Iron Man #7 I had on ebay selling. I bought at cover and finally moved it

Picked up 2 Copies of War of Realms New Agents of Atlas #1 Sabine Rich Covers from Frankies and sold for a nice profit.

Captain Marvel did ok for me, moves 2 copies of #23 and 2 copies of #22 2nd print at profits.

Sold 3 copies of Daredevil #25 at huge markeups.

King in Black #1 Secret Variant, picked up 2 copies and moved 1 this month.

DC Very Merry Multiverse #1 was hot and I was able to move the copy I got for profit.

Sold 3 Copies of Solid Blood #17 on ebay and one on Mercari for a nice pay day.

Oddly sold the free DC Nations Presents Future State #0 free book for $5 plus shipping

Sold a Damaged Strikeforce #1 NYCC on ebay, they refunded me for the books and told me to keep them, so after refund the $30 was nice bonus. Still have one to sell.

Sold a damaged Star Wars NYCC JTC for $30 as well. Reedpop was super cool and are sending me replacements and told me to keep them so I sold it cheap

Doubled my money on Cimmerian Frost Giant’s Daughter #1 1:30 Negative Momoko Variant.

and Sold 7 copies of Darth Vader #6 over the month.

On Mercari I sold a bunch of the action figures that came in the Skybound boxes. Actually ended up breaking even on the boxes just from the McFarlane figures.


Star Wars was good to me in December. Here are my sales…almost all of these I picked up in one shop.

6 copies of Mace Windu 5s for $80 average price.

10 Dark Horse Star Wars books for $38 avg.

4 other random Marvel Star Wars books for $15 avg.

That’s nearly $900 in just Star Wars comics…many I paid half cover. But I think total I paid less than $100.

Also have a few more to list that got hot this week…so might hit $1000 with a little luck. And I’m holding back on some key books that I think will pop later too.

Going to hit another old honey hole tomorrow, but I think I cleared that shop out a while back so not expecting to find too many gems. Just like stopping in to see the owner.

I was at over $1200 this month, and that was not including sales that came in today after I posted this. Super excited as I am dropping more cash into the boys’ acorns accounts.

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I have not opened mine! my friend in Texas told me his came in bad shape too…

Just opened mine and in great shape. #679. I will send mine to JTC to have him sign it for me.

My one, “Star Wars,” #7 came in great shape, as did the two, “Strikeforce,” #1 NYCC variants. I was lucky this time.

I probably did another $200 New Year’s Eve before midnight alone. Wow. What a great month.

Sold 3x Amazing Spider-Man #55 at a great profit. $12 cost $75 out the door.
Damaged NYCC Strikeforce for $35 100% profit due to kindness of Reedpop
Another Captain Marvel 23
Another Darth Vader 6
On Mercari I sold:
Department of Truth #1
A Girl Who Walks Home Alone #2 B