Any love for Justice League Unlimited 41?

Hey friends,
I read recently that people think JLU 41 presages The Batman Who Laughs.

I’m on the fence about listing it or getting it graded.

Any thoughts?


I moved this into the DC category. Until you actually sell a book, general questions should go in the non-moderated categories.


Thanks for the tip!

This one? I mean it seems cool but this is a much different design than batman who laughs

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Yep, that’s the one. I agree it looks vastly different from TBWL. I can also see how some think this presages TBWL.

That character on that Justice League Unlimited cover looks like the Joker wearing a cape and cowl. It does not look like an evil Bruce Wayne from a universe in the dark multiverse, aka BWL. :man_shrugging:

I haven’t read the book, but that is not legit spec, from first glance of the cover.