Aquaman 2

New suits for the sequel

Love that 1st suit!!


His bulge looks like it has demon eyes from afar (top pic).

Cant unsee now.

I like the first suit, a nice take on classic Aquaman, but I don’t understand why he needs a stealth suit?

To avoid sonar from evil whales?


To sell toys… lol


New suits, same cod piece. :+1:

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I am more curious if he will be donning a blonde hair. Long or short.

He’s packing a powerful trident in those pants.

Edit: I now realize after making that joke that if it actually looked like a trident that would be terrifying.

Patrick Wilson as Orm and James Wan

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I feel like Patrick Wilson doesn’t get enough respect as an actor. He always works his hardest in various genre films.


Petitions work :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Now when will the studios apologize to Depp and give him his roles back?


Im not sure why you guys think Depp is a saint in all of this. Dude is trash.


I mean, I’m not big on Heard or Depp but think Heard was maybe worse? Neither are people I want to be trapped in an escape room with.


Heard is not a perfect partner, but all you need to know about Johnny Depp is he supported Roman Polanski. If he thinks that dudes on the up and up, then of course hes capable of slapping his wife around while hes ■■■■■■ up.

I DID NOT KNOW THIS. Disgusting.

You would be shocked at the number of people in hollywood that support that guy. I just wish Heard and Depp would go away tbh.

I have heard of all these actors, but I do not know them personally. I would be shocked to just believe what is printed on whomever. I guess the internet is always right.

I mean, I wrote I’m handsome on the internet, so I clearly must be.

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