Are we there yet? Marvel MCU at SDCC!

3 hours to go until Marvel announces the next phase of movies!!!

Popcorn is now fresh and HOT!!!

We could use one of those big countdown clocks. Should be a fun night for CHUing!!!

Wow that is an old popper! I love it! Brings back memories of yesteryear.

May the odds (& your pre-sdcc spec pick ups) be in your favor!.

I actually have one from the 80’s where the dome is yellow. That one with the clear dome I picked up for $3 at a Good Will new in the box. I’ve had air poppers but nothing tastes as good as popping in something other than air. I used butter flavored Crisco this time but there are lots of choices for adding some taste. I probably haven’t made popcorn in about a year now.

Getting that good vibe. 25 minutes to go. Last customer out the door happy with my last Neca Gizmo, Montress TPB and a used Manga book. Short walk for the puppy due to the heat (96 at 7PM) rescues a $5 bill from the curb a block down. Hamburgers and French fries in the works. Popcorn on standby.

Heres the first Marvel news Mackie will suit up as Cap in the Disney + series.

Dusting off the questions while warming up the mini Fry Daddy.

Pet Avengers yet?


Any Deadpool sightings?

Invaders movie?

Tie in comic guesses for anything?

Eternals announced Nov 6 2020 release date.

Phase 1 to 3 is now called Infinity Saga someone said. Not real sure that’s going to help anything but I put the burgers and fries on a Santa tray so we can pretend it’s Christmas.

Glad we’ve been buying these Eternal books.

Eternals full cast
Angelina Jolie, Richard Madden, Kumail Nanjiani, Salma Hayek, Brian Tyree Henry, Lauren Ridloff, Lia McHugh, and Don Lee.

I have 7x #1 and 2x #2-15

Avengers Endgame squeeked past Avatar.

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Shang Chi announced Feb 12 2021 release date.

Falcon Winter Soldier logo shows Cap Shield in between the names some speculating both characters will hold the Shield in the series at some point.

Simu Liu cast as Shang Chi

Not feeling wowed yet. :expressionless:

I hope they include Black Jack…been stocking up Mokf #17

It’s going to be very sad if we don’t get anything Unknown besides release dates and castings.

Waking back up for Wanda and Vision :yawning_face:

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Shang Chi called legend of the ten rings. Mandarin confirmed.

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