Are You Ready For....DEATH METAL?!


Dark Knights: Death Metal was officially announced today as the sequel to Dark Knight: Metal.

Does this have you excited…?

or feeling “meh”…?

What do we call this one…That Batman who…carries a scythe?


Meh… Sadly I’m just not that optimistic when it comes to DC books or storylines anymore.


Finally my love for Superman and Danzig merged into one character. Mild mannered rock reporter Clark Danzig is secretly an alien rocker from another world. His planet Krypton destroyed when they turned the amp stacks up too high, rocketed away in a bass guitar case to a strange world where he was found in Lodi New Jersey by truck stop waitress Martha and her small time drug pushing boyfriend Jonathan “Pa” Danzig.

Man this writes itself.


And it’s not the Batman with scythe it is the Batman with scythe burning in lava.


I wonder if that Batman (Lava Scythe Batman) is the same, or has anything to do with, Batman from the Tales of Dark Multiverse Batman…Batman the Broken.

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