Arkham Academy

I’m not sure if this has been mentioned yet, but DC is hitting the “academy” route again this winter through Batman: Urban Legends. It sounds like a “scared straight” program where bad kids are exposed to the horrors of prison living to encourage them to make better decisions. Sounds a bit like a Young Suicide Squad in the making. But, it promises to have a whole bunch of new characters.

It sounds like this kicks off with Batman: Urban Legends 21.


What parent would sign a waiver for Arkham? I mean, there are prisons and then there is the combo prison-asylum that is Arkham!

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This seems like a really good concept. Potentially introduce a bunch of new future villains, anti-heroes, maybe heroes. I’m kinda surprised they didn’t market this as it’s own new mini-series. I have to believe that Arkham Academy 1 would have sold far more books than Batman Urban Legends 21. Maybe this is the setup for the stand-alone series.