Bad Idea’s Biggest Bad Idea

Oh man. So people have been selling the Final a five stickers on eBay for a while going for good money at that. Well Bad Idea finally announced that they would collect the stickers and send you your prize. The exclusive prize.

So, what is this exclusive prize?

Hero Trade Passive Aggressive. And you get to pick which copy you get. You can pick Passive or Aggressive. The catch, you pay $7.99 shipping.

Lol. I am putting my sticker on eBay ASAP to sell it for whatever I can get.


I don’t pay much attention to Bad Idea. Where did people get the stickers from?

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Yea… I cashed out on several issues of Eniac #1 and then I got out of dodge


Pre-ordering the final five books entitled you to get the sticker. The sticker was to be traded in for a premium item later. Now than, the price of the books were set so no store discount was applied. So basically I paid full price for books that I would have otherwise gotten at a discount AND the bonus is a book I already paid full price for


I had pre-ordered final five thing with my LSC and it seems like they forgot about it. I am not going to mention it, lol.

Yeah but did you pay?

Also, Passive Aggressive 1 is selling for like $25

No, we pay when the comics come in at my shop. I had it pre-ordered on there pullbox with them. I had gotten the other Bad Idea comics. I noticed the Passive Aggressive comic today on the shelf but I was not aware it was part of the final five comics.

It’s the first of the final five. I had to prepay and was the first to prepay for all the final five books. When I asked if I was getting all the first customer buttons I was told no they would be given to the first person who came into the store to get them.

I sold my sticker the moment I got it. I doubt the reward for pins is that great either. I sold the pins I got for the earliest comics for absurd prices. No regrets!


I was told they would put them in our folder(part of the pullbox at the store). I guess I’m not getting any. I just want to get the Odin comic when it come out.

I thought the first 10 people that pre-order from each store got some sort of sticker. :no_good_man:

Sorry, I’m not Mr. Current Affairs. What is this Final Five from Bad Idea? And what are the stickers and pins?

When you trade in your sticker for the Passive Aggressive book, you get a decoder ring. If you have every badge, you can pry the back off revealing a secret code. Deciding that code will give you the location of an old hobo. Once you figure out that the old hobo is really an ancient robot and crack open his chest plate, the inner gears will reveal the coordinates to a place in Walla Walla Washington. Go there, dig 7 feet down and you’ll receive the final page to Neil Gaiman’s Miracleman run. But, it photoreactive and will ignite into flame in the sun. Good luck, sucker.


I got a sticker but did not have to pay yet. But I’m not going to stiff my shop since I committed to buying the books which the owner committed to ordering. It’s just so lame though if the sticker only allows you to effectively buy another copy of Passive/Aggressive. Say what? Now I feel like an idiot. The people who bought these stickers from other folks are going to be very disappointed and Bad Idea is definitely going to earn further criticism for a craptastic promotion. I’m likely done buying any of their products after this debacle.

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My understanding is that there are 2 different books for Passive/Agressive 1…each one told from one of the 2 perspectives (Passive or Aggressive). No shop in the world got both and every shop in any state all got the same book, so you can send the sticker in to them to get the book (POV) that your shop didn’t get. Full disclosure, I do not have the sticker nor care to, but at least it does something for you…I guess.


Be sure to drink your ovaltine


Since day 1 Bad Idea has had bad ideas. I don’t think Bad Idea cares any more about the way they are doing business.

However silly or ridiculous this sounds to most here, the FOMO is real. I just sold my copy for $80 on ebay, so I think this has been a GREAT idea.