Bane to get the Joker solo movie treatment

Not only will Bane be getting his own movie he also is reportedly appearing in the new Batman starring Robert Pattinson. Double Bane news today and his 1st and keys are still dirt cheap.

If they stick to the story of Vengeance of Bane #1…I would really enjoy it. I’ve always thought it was a great comic and a great story.

Did you have a source for this news? If so, I can do a main CHU article based on this topic. :wink:

I jumped the gun and used the news from that also posted an article bout it. :slight_smile:

Hopefully Tom Hardy will return.

“However, the report claims a Bane movie was merely an idea for a pitch, so it may not have been presented to Warner Bros. executives, at all.”

from the comicbook link

I think a group of villain focused movies would be great. I don’t know of any being put out by marvel.msybe that would be how DC finally gets in the right direction with their cinematic universe. I mean we have a ton of super hero movies and shows but very few if any that focus on villains. I’d loved to see a Thanos movie or something similar.

There has been rumours of the Dark Avengers showing up in the MCU. I have no doubt that Marvel will use some baddies as titular characters in the future. It’s an obvious evolution for the MCU, imo.

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The rumor I’ve heard about, “Dark Avengers,” is it’s more of a supernatural Avengers team. Picture Blade, Ghost Rider, etc. Not sure if it is true, but I wonder.

I wrote this piece on the forums some time ago, @davidbitterbaum. It delves into the Midnight Sons, Marvel’s Dracula, the Darkhold, Chthon and some of the darker corners of the Marvel Universe.

Darkhold already showed up on Agents which is part of the mcu. It introduced all three Johnny Danny. Robbie Ghostriders in that story line.