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Whats up, gang. In this post we will be going to take a look at some possible connections between some of the announced phase 4 properties. We are going to delve deep into the Eternals, WandaVision and Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness, and how these three projects might open the door for Blade and some of the other darker sides of the MCU, like the Midnight Sons.

First off, Fiege has been confirmed as saying that Blade will not be in phase 4 of the MCU. This makes it most certain that Blade will end up in the MCU during phase 5. Thats not to say that things wont change, but Id expect Blade to be late phase 4, or early phase 5. Now, how do we tie all this in? Lets start with WandaVision. Not much is known about what story this show will tell, but one theory is that the show will centre around The Avengers Disassembled story line from 2004. In this story, Wanda has had a nervous breakdown from the death of Vision. Wanda thens places herself in an delusional/made up reality that she has created for herself, where she feels safe. In the MCU, Vision died at the end of Infinity War, in Wandas arms, so this story line is very pausible. In this regard, Wanda could end up being the antogonist of the WandaVision show, as her friends fight to release Wanda from the prison in her powerful mind. Now, this ‘prison’ in Wandas mind could be spurred on by the machinations of some greater evil. Two possible suspects could be Chton the Elder God, or Mephisto.

The Eternals books told a story which featured the Four Celestial Host Events. The First Host Event told a story on which the Celestials came to Earth and altered and tested on early primates. These alterations resulted in the The Deviants, The Humans and The Eternals. The story of the Eternals is expected to essentially be an origin story for the entire MCU that could possibly explain Mutants, Atlantis and Namor and other dark forces in the MCU. Setting up all sorts of future properties for Disney, and possibly some darker corners of the MCU via the Fox label.

Billions of years before the Celestials First Host Event, an otherworldly celestial essence named Demiurge came to Earth and ‘seeded’ Earth with its essence. This resulted in the birth of The Elder Gods. One of these Elder Gods was known as Chthon. Chthon was Earths first demon and user of Dark Magic. Chthon was the one responsible for writing the Darkhold by writing all his dark knowledge and spells on indestructable parchment that were binded into the Darkhold Book. The Darkhold Book is the blue chip book of Dark Magic in the Marvel Universe. Fast forward billions of years to the 6th Century and Sorceror Morgan Le Fay. She was a high priestess, and the leader of the Sixth Century cult of the Darkhold. She and the rest of the cult used the Darkhold to summon its author Chthon. When they found they could not control him, they sealed the dark god away in Wundagore Mountain. Fast Forward again to near modern times where Magda, the wife of Magneto, escapes from him while pregnant and takes sanctuary at Wundagore Mountain. She gave birth to twins, Wanda and Pietro. The Elder God Chthon, while still trapped in the mountain from billions of years ago, altered Wanda at birth and gave her the ability to use magic in addition to her mutant abilities, planning to use her as a vessel when her powers reached maturity.

Around 18,500 BC, just before Atlantis sunk into the ocean during an attack on Earth by the Celestials during the Celestials Second Host Event, an Atlantean cult, known as the Darkholders, used the Darkhold to create the worlds first Vampire, known as Varnae. Varnae is essentially the beginning of the Vampire race, and eventually leads to Marvels Dracula. All these characters lead back to the Elder Gods. Not all of the Elder Gods were evil like Chton. Chtons sister, Gaea aka Oshtur, was a giving Elder God. According to legend, Agamotto emerged from the tear of Oshtur, benevolent Elder Goddess of Earth, as she was moved by the unyielding joy of a blind boy. Agamotto was initially tutored by Oshtur, and his subsequent journey to discover the secrets of magic and find Oshtur led to the formation of the paths of magic power. Agamotto also served as Earth’s first Sorceror Supreme of the Mystic Arts. Ostur is also one of three members of The Vishanti. The Vishanti is a group of Dimensional beings who help teach the practices of the Mystic Arts to deserving others. Wanda, in the comics, is as powerful as she is due to the fact that she practices magic on top of her all ready incredible mutant powers. The magic helps amplify her natural mutation. It has been rumoured that during Doctor Strange 2, we will learn how Wanda gets the name ‘Scarlet Witch’ and the reasons why that is her monicker. In the comics Wanda was taught magic by Agatha Harkness. A more likely scenario for the MCU, I think, would to have Stephen Strange teach Wanda her Magic skills during DS2. DS2 has been pegged by its director as the first ‘Horror’ movie in the MCU.

The other villian I mentioned earlier, Mephisto, is a regular foe of both Wanda and Dr. Strange. Mephisto has allowed people to believe him to be Satan himself. However, Mephisto is not the Biblical Satan, nor is he an actual devil such as those depicted by Judaism and Christianity. Mephisto’s domain is inhabited by himself, by lesser demons who serve him, and by the astral forms of certain deceased human beings. Mephisto is also the enemy of all the Ghost Riders and The Midnight Sons. Mephisto is the one responsible for cursing the Ghost Riders with the power of the Demon Zarathos. And the Midnight Sons history dates back to time before Atlantis sunk, where they battled with the Demon Zarathos. Fast forward to modern times where Doctor Strange reassembles the Midnight Sons with the likes of Danny Ketch Ghost Rider, Morbius, Blade, Johnny Blaze and the Darkhold Redeemers. Do we see the possible connections yet? DS2 Horror - Demons - Chton - Wanda - Stephen Strange - Ghost Rider(s)? - Midnight Sons? If we have the main focus of DS2 around Stephen and Wanda, it is possible that they take parts of the Doctor Strange: Rise of the Darkhold storyline, where DS and Wanda battle Chton in an attempt to retrieve the Darkhold. In that story, Chton takes possession of Wandas body. And the story also introduces Dracula, as Drac is searching for the Darkhold, as the Darkhold contains a spell that would eradicate all vampires. Varnae is also in this story.

The Marvel 616 Universe has so many stories that have been told, and that provides a plethora of material to go use when making the MCU. So, there a ton of characters and stories to possibly spec on here, some much cheaper than others. I wont list them all, but maybe this post may inspire some of your own spec. Take this for what it is, just one possible connection for the ever expanding MCU.

Thanks goes out to kindaculty for some of the ideas and info.


They already did the Darkhold story on Agents of Shield with the Ghostriders Johnny and Robbie. I expect a continuation of the story in the Ghostrider series.


The Darkhold has been around for a long time. There are lots of ways, and characters, to use it to build stories in the MCU, while still continuing their Shield story too, if that is their intentions.


Nice in-depth write up! So many ways to tie in the old with the new. Some potential spec to look out for as well. The good thing about spec books, especially when they are cheap, say the first appearance of Chthon, is for one it is never a bad idea to pick up first any appearance. Even if they don’t pan out, if it was cheap to begin with no real loss and a neat addition to the pc being the worse case scenario.

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Thanks, Rob. It is kinda chunky, but the general ideas are there if you want to find them. I did zero editing on it and wrote it last night while I was quite high. :man_shrugging:

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I’ve worked on more than a few things at home after a few shots of Tennessee honey whisky in me!

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