Banning Store Variant Posts

At the root of this forum, it is a comic book speculation forum. Not a store book advertising site. There is no legitimate speculation in the wildly rampant store book market. I think it would behoove CHU and the readers to leave the store book advertising to the retailers. Lets keep this speculation forum about speculation. There are simply too many ‘store books’ to be posting something every day (which could literally be every day) about these poor speculation investments. The store advertising posts are muddying the waters of the good speculation that the CHU readers bring to this community. I would still like to see the stores that are ‘friends’ of the CHU sites do their giveaways. Those are good for everyone, unlike daily posts about the next store virgin variant with a 3000 print run. What do you guys think?

:rofl: So you are ok with store variants being posted when you get something for free. But otherwise all should be banned. I believe @Anthony the owner posted one the other day. You wanna ban the owner from posting too.?

I don’t have any issues with people discussing shop variants. I get you don’t care for them but I thought this forum was about talking all things comics as long as it’s kept civil. I do agree threads shouldn’t be hijacked, and if someone feels that’s happening politely ask a separate thread be created to carry on the separate conversation.

Ban disrespect. Don’t ban a specific group or topic!

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You completely missed the point. The point being, there is a difference between advertising with poor speculation info and informing with good speculation info, for the speculation site.

If the community and/or admin agree with me, and such a rule, as the one I proposed above, is implemented, then yes, I would expect the admin of CHU to adhere to the rules.

I agree, but it is blatantly obvious that some people on here only care about themselves. They will ruin anyone’s conversation as long as it makes their insecurities go away.

I wholeheartedly respect your comment/opinion, @D-Rog. Thank you for your input. I have been apart of several speculation sites that have had the ‘no store book talk’ in full effect, it really helps the community stay focused on good speculation. My proposed rule would not apply to the site, just the forum.

perhaps instead of banning all talk here about store variants maybe a good compromise would be a dedicated post for all that talk to be funneled into.

That is a good suggestion too, @Kevin. :+1:

We kind of want everyone the freedom to start any topic they want. As I’m not a store variant fan myself and usually steer clear of them, I think banning people would be the wrong approach. I would say just ignore and move on when then someone starts one.

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You missed the point of his post. He wants the free giveaways but without the advertising for store variants. I completely agree with that and I agree about his thoughts on store variants having no speculation value. What he is saying is that he doesn’t mind stores advertising comics.

He is also correct that this is a speculation site. Let’s keep 90% of the talk on speculation. The other 10% I wanna use to tease BJ.

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It is but we shouldn’t limit ourselves. CHU has evolved over time into much more. The core and heart of it is spec’ing on books but we should be able to talk about anything on the forums.

Yes you said it. He is ok with store variants being advertised via free giveaways because he might benefit. Otherwise they should be banned.

I am ok with store variants. I think Anon posted a pick but wasn’t “advertising” the book (he doesn’t have a vested interest in the financial sale of the book. At least that is what I believe. He posted a book and I responded I liked it and a cover by the same artist (the Poison Ivy Cover, I like Ivy). Needless to say as long as it is not advertising a sale people should be able to post whatever they like. If you like a cover post it. But let’s keep away from trying to do an ad for the sale of a book. I will post stuff from sponsors of giveaways. I like doing the giveaways on the forum as it is easier to track the responses.


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Gloriously late to this party but I don’t see any harm in highlighting store variants

This site is not only great for spec but also in highlight great art on covers. I actually fall more into the latter category. Some of the store variants are simply beautiful and it’s nice to give a shout out to a great cover

Anyway I’m just replying because I’ve become obsessed with getting me more of these badge things😁


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Isn’t there a Adam Hughes store variant for Sabrina that’s going for good bucks?! Not all store books are worthless spec.

its very rare that a store exclusive goes up in price and stays there. Sabrina virgin has come down but is still worth 3x-4x it buy in. the mico suayan virgin for new agents of atlas #1 is the best example of a good store variant. only buy them for PC unless book has a 1st cover app that no other covers have

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One of the latest sales for the Sabrina 1 Virgin Hughes was for $50 USD + shipping.


Hughes has a good fan base, its a great cover and the 500 print run doesn’t hurt. (Archies have a really low minimum for their exclusives, unlike Marvels 3000 minimum exclusive print run). What does hurt this book is that the Cover A has the same artwork w/ trade dress.

Come on, Poyo…Say it!


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