Bat Woman Beyond

Make sure to get a copy of the upcoming Batman Beyond #37 as a new Batgirl/Batwoman appears

There is also a Francis Manapul variant that is sweet, but just doesn’t have the draw as a first cover/first appearance combo.

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Thanks. About to order it right now. Do you think this will be something major?

i wouldn’t go crazy, besides issue 1 from 1999 there aren’t many issues of batman beyond that hold any value over cover.

Maybe another 45 days or so until FOC so there should be plenty of time for a bunch to get ordered.


Est Ship Date

In the wake of his fateful showdown with False Face and the Splitt, the Batman of tomorrow has gone missing! With the Caped Crusader AWOL and Neo-Gotham facing the threat of one of the deadliest villains it’s ever known, a new hero is needed! Bruce Wayne will turn to friends both old and new in order to keep his city safe, but that won’t be enough. Fortunately, a new and mysterious protector will arrive on the scene, taking flight to save the city!

I saw this in previews last week. I was hoping it would go under the radar. :neutral_face:

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There are a couple of Batman Beyond Universe that feature Phantasm that do.

It’s floating around out there. I put it on the forum and not the main site for now. Waiting until foc to fully post.

It’ll be alright… I promise! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey, no problem. Thats the name of the game. I was gonna share, w/ everybody, post foc too. The image was kinda hard to miss in Previews. :wink:

yeah it is.

I’ve been loving the Killer B covers to BMB, and have been grabbing them for a while (pull list) will have to switch to cover A for this one in my pull.