Batfleck to return to the cowl in Flash Flashpoint

Looks like both Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck will be playing Batman in the coming Flash film Flashpoint.

yea director confirmed keaton, wonder if that will give more heat to batman beyond books

Well, I am gaining g more interest. Hopefully DC has gotten its collective act together and we can get more good films than bad from here on out.

Val Kilmer is a guest at the DC Fandome event this weekend. Maybe he’ll announce he’s also in the Flash movie…


It’s turn into a, “Enter the Batman-Verse” flick if that occurs. A Flash movie with more Batmen than Flash!

Makes sense Ezra Miller Flash did show up in CW Crossover.

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whats that red all over the chest

Its part of the costume.

Don’t get too excited probably CW Supergirl

That’s the superhero edition of Big’Uns.


I think she might be Lara Lane Kent…or not, since she dies in this issue.

It must be Naomi, again :rofl:

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Supergirl video

damn he looks good as old man wayne, this better lead into a batman beyond movie.

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1st appearance of Lara Lane Kent (possible future. elseworlds ? )

Flash movie BTS set pics & video

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