Batgirl 47 spoilers

Joker shows up in Barbara’s apartment.

Joker hacked Barbara’s spine implant. He can make her stand up, sit down, etc. Most of the issue is Joker taunting Barbara. Barbara is looking to escape. Lots of talking.

They go to the roof. Barbara stabs her implant, regaining control. She takes down the Joker.

Both dead ?

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Neither are dead because they were just in Nightwing #72 and Joker was well and fine and Ric Grayson turned on Barbara and she was captured by Punchline and Joker that was the last part of Joker War. Weird to write a different story with the same characters at the same time.

Maybe we’re seeing the beginning of Immortal Batgirl and Immortal Joker… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Don’t even “joke“ about that…

Sorry, I haven’t ready any Batman books in a long time (since new 52) and that is not joker, whoever is drawing him, is making a 20 year old joker guy. Last I checked, Joker was old. Just says lol.

Yeah, I don’t care for the artists interpretation…but he also went down a little too easy…

And why does Barbara still live in an apartment??? Looks to be a run down one at that. And with so little security. I get you’re trying to be subtle…but you’re also the commissioners daughter…I’d think you’d want a little extra security in case someone found out where you live just because of that fact. Especially with all the cuckoo’s in Gotham.

Little disappointed in this issue…better just be a dream…

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What is bothering me the most is that Nightwing 72, 73, and Redhood Outlaw all seem to be following one storyline while Batgirl 47 & 48 seem to be off on their own. This is all supposed to be one, cohesive, Joker War story…