BATGIRL #50 - 1st app new BATWOMAN


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Your like a CHU Jedi Knight… you must keep the peace… and order. :wink:

His name is Dr Ogio, show some respect and address him by his title, please. Lol.

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I never noticed you could do that with his name. Heh.


Yes, I picture him as Trapper John MD. Definitely dated myself with that reference.


I guess i should be consistent with my Main site name…D-Rog…to avoid that confusion…

You’ll always be Dr Ogio to me. Dr of love as the last name is what the ladies say. Oh Gee Oh. Lol.

I once “met” a person on a hobby forum, name was ‘bigal’. I asked if the name was pronounced Bi Gal or Big Al. All I got back was "Whatever you want it to be :wink: " … I never inquired any further.

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I have to say, i ordered 2 copies of BW50 from MCS and Midtown, and I got hosed by both.

I had two copies in my cart when I submitted my MCS order…but my invoice only had one.

And now this from Midtown today…(ironically my shipment still says I’m getting two copies thought…)

I know MCS was limiting Batgirl and Last Ronin to 1 copy per account. I tried to checkout with more than one and they kept adjusting my quantity to 1 when I tried to checkout. They wouldn’t even let me go back and order more after checking out.

My shop also said they were shorted and couldn’t hold a copy (it’s not on my regular pull, so I was ok with that).

Yet again, though, another hot book gets the dreaded “allocation” label…

I got some physical copies at my shops, any online orders I made were canceled.

Why were they canceled? Any reason given?

Sold-out, shorted, etc.

i ordered 10 of each cover from midtown day they were posted, before the limit was put in place, midtown says they were allocated by distributor which is funny cause they are the distributor since the own ucs. they were not shorted, they stole people copies so they can sell the for resell price, midtown does this all the time.


They did this to punchline too told everyone the copies were damaged and then sold the damaged copies for $30 each I know I bought them and had them graded 9.2 HA #3 9.4 Batman 89


Yeah. I stopped buying from Midtown. Liar Liar only burns me once.