BATGIRL #50 - 1st app new BATWOMAN

So DC has simultaneously released RYAN WILDER aka new BATWOMAN both onscreen and comics. After reading the article you’re familiar with the new suit and JAVICIA LESLIE. Today RYAN WILDER appeared in BATGIRL #50… Spoiler page ahead…

It’s a full named appearance, no superhero costume yet but pretty cool stuff… BATGIRL #50 is a low print run book. I’m going to guess 20k(ish), it was the last issue of a cancelled series. Because it was giant sized $5.99, I know of shop owners who deliberately ordered less thinking it would sit there on the shelves… Sold out day of release midtown, amazing cover A artwork by MIDDLETON. (cue @AGENTPOYO /SNIPES)

This is a fantastic book to own moving forward in my opinion… SOLD listing sets with the DODSON B variant are $50 on ebay and cover A is a solid $30 at time of writing… Please feel free to contribute in the comments, I probably messed something up haha. Be well everyone…


Actually, it was still available Thursday last week at midtown and most other places. Days after they put them up with no limits. Unless you mean they went on sale today.

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I ordered 3 of each cover last Thursday from midtown. I notice today it says limit to 1, wonder if I will still get 3 of each.

Weird. I tried to buy a couple copies last Wednesday cover A (MIDDLETON) and it was sold out. Only B (DODSON) was in stock when I tried. They must have received more inventory later that day? I wish I knew, I would have purchased some copies… Thx for the clarification…

I’m guessing they’ll restock and that’s why the limit one copy thing was added. I don’t recall seeing that detail at all - even once it initially sold out last week. Could be wrong.

Cover A is dope art I must admit - wouldn’t mind a copy or two, but in terms of spec can this really go anywhere if this character doesn’t stay relevant beyond/outside of this CW show? Doubtful IMO - 52 week #7 and #11 are pretty cheap these days… something to consider, plus I don’t have very high expectations for this show :man_shrugging:

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Cover B showed up at MCS…cover A either went in seconds or wasn’t offered yet.

Ok, cover A showed up and it kept taking multiples out of my cart…then I finally got 2 copies of A all the way to submit order…hit the button…one copy shows up in my invoice!

Cover A now sold out. I didn’t want to order unless I got 2 copies.


Maybe you guys Should try eBay. The story broke about the appearance and I went on ebay and bought a set for under $15 including shipping. It’s where I’ve been getting all my books and these orders always show for the new releases. I’ve got a few that I go to because they’re on point with everything.

Don’t want the set. Just A.

Back in stock…fresh they’re struggling. Are people adding and dropping?

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I was able to get a copy from MCS

There’s a ton of money to be made off of just flipping books off of eBay. I’ve sold about $4500 in just over 3 months and all of it was bought off of eBay.


I just ordered 8 for cover price. You know the big popular places are gonna sellout quick. Gotta have some secret online honey holes! lol

DC thinks otherwise… It’s in the show and the comic at the same time, that’s my point. Did you not read my article? She’s going to be the new BATWOMAN in both media at the same time… Does that meet your expectations? :man_shrugging:

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We really should continue the conversation in the existing topic… CW's Ryan Wilder makes her DCU debut in Batgirl #50

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