Batman #118-119 (Spoilers)

Why they put the “?” After all new collectors item issue…

Poking fun at Marvel, and the 90s.

Because when it says something like COLLECTOR’S ITEM thats how you know its gonna be super rare and valuable

Do you think the recent issue of DC Connect has any value as a first appearance of Abyss?

I’d argue no, but people also seem to place value on the Future State preview of Yara Flor.

Are previews even considered comic books? They look like magazine to me.


That’s my though too, but yet some previews command a premium for whatever reason.

People collect many things…

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There was a big ass previews for something is killing the children that went for like $600+

Yeah, whoever paid that much is a moron! :wink:


This has to hurt the value of that 1:25

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