Batman #92 1:25 Punchline Design Variant

Hey guys

Long time no speak. Lockdown and zero comics will do that

Anyway my first comic post lockdown is the Batman #92 1:25 design variant (long story the UK has been a little crazy atm with comics)

Just want to check with anyone else who has it , is your cover a bit short? It doesn’t seem to cover all the pages

Thank You :heart:

What do you mean “short” as in, printing error? Can you post pics?

Just got mine in the mail today. There is a very slim amount of the first page showing on the right edge. He is correct, the cover does not extend all the way to the edge of the other pages

Ah… That kind of blows.

I don’t even know where mine is…no shipping notice. Bought it from hip hop comics as they were the only ones who had it under $40 at the time.

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In fact all the cardstock covers from DC over the past few weeks are short like that. Not quite sure what has happened but from research it seems all Batman 92 copies are like that

Same here except I bought mine from comic madness on ebay. Have emailed them twice but no response yet. Not sure what is going on with it. Maybe not everyone has gotten their allotment yet?

I think what happens in this case is, cardstock cover is being measured the same as if it were regular print paper and since it’s heavier, the fold is not as precise, making it come up short. They likely saw this but kept producing instead of destroying them to reprint (since cardstock is likely higher cost).

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I just received a message the seller. Apparently, they are waiting on replacements for damaged 1:25 variants.

I’m trying to resize an upload my Flash 88 card stock variant. It has the same cut.

Couldn’t resize the image. I uploaded it to my Imgur account and copied the link.

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I just got mine in on Saturday, so if it’s being sold second hand they may just be getting them.

That’s what I used. But it just wouldn’t download my image to it.

How do you think that impacts value. If they are all the same do you base condition on the actual comic (ie they are all short) or how a comic should be

If that makes any sense

If theyre all like that, I myself wouldn’t ding their potential value from it.

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