Batman #92 1:25

It appears Bleedingcool is reporting that DC is offering a 1:25 incentive variant for Batman #92 featuring character design art. Not sure if the picture they’re using is the final cover art. But either way, #92 is going to be a heavier print run for sure.


Lots of online retailers are already offering it from $20-$40. Since FOC hasn’t passed expect a big print run.

Punchline may be the New Darling, but I would caution anyone on paying top dollar, especially for books that have not even come out … I would tend to think that a new Flavor of the Week will supplant this craze in fairly short order … just my opinion … it’s your money …

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Cover art has been revealed…

I’m out on Punchline. I’ve got a copy of H A #3 b cover just because I’ve been getting the b covers of that series. So when I read them all together if I don’t like it I’ll just list the set and see what happens.

FYI to anyone interested, Punchline is featured in the May solicited Nightwing issue, even if it isn’t labeled as a Joker War tie-in.

Yup, Nightwing #72 is suppose to have her in the issue. We’ve speculated if she shows up before then as well.

The 1:25 has made the Artgerm variant worthless.

Yes it has. But still a nice cover…probably better than the 1:25, IMO.

Having said that, I made some good flips yesterday (a couple Star Wars Tales 24 I pulled out of long boxes yesterday) so I rolled the profits into a 1:25 Batman 92.

I struggled with the decision as My goal is to acquire a mid grade Batman 232 with flipping profits, but as I waffled prices kept going north of $40…

Oh well, I’m still waaaay ahead in my BM89/90 & HA3 flips…at least that’s what my paypal account tells me…


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comic stores should be pre-selling the 1:25 at $50 and up. don’t know why they want to undercut others and leave money on the table.

DCBS allowed a preorder of 1 per customer at $40.00 so I just added it to my cart. If nothing else it wilk make a nice set with the others/complete.

Figured the same here…$40 plus shipping seems to be about where it’s settled pre FOC…

They’ll still sell the issues of #92 they have to buy more than likely.

Batman 92B is a cover price, open order, pre foc book. It never had any value other than the cover price in the corner box, regardless of a newly added ratio variant.

$1 bin filler. But yes…eventually…

Say what you want about Mattina (Looking at you, poyo), but the B covers for 93, 94 & 95 are looking pretty sweet.

Yeah they reported it. Shortly after we reported it. Just saying.

Oh, that’s the sad part. I think Mattina is talented. Not sure why he keeps stealing others people’s work for his poses and such. Dude needs to stop and just do his own thing.

who reported what ?