Batman/Catwoman #1

I know not everyone’s a fan of Bleeding Cool, but I think this is worth sharing. Three of the Batman/Catwoman #1 variants will be limited to a maximum of 10,000 copies. The artists are Jen Bartel, Gabrielle Dell’Otto, and Bruce Timm.

Not a truly small print run, but for popular artists on popular characters, I think these could have long-term legs. Thoughts?

10k copies each is way more than most store variants.

Im passing.

I hear you. I’m thinking of these as akin to a 1:25 on a huge, high order title like Batman: Three Jokers. I just think these could be harder to find after a couple years once they’re absorbed into people’s PCs.

I’m passing just on the fact that it’s a book about Batman and Catwoman together… I probably won’t even bother with the regulars for this one. I have zero desire to even read it from the solicitations I’ve read. I guess I’m not interested in Bruce Wayne’s soap opera love story with Catwoman…

Missed opportunity to put Phantasm on the cover of #1. That would be the book for me to buy.

I liked the Bartel cover when I originally saw it, but in my mind none of these beat out the ACTUAL covers. The Timm one might have the best chance at any value because it’s so unique? But that’s still a super long shot I wouldn’t invest more than the copy I’d buy to read in.


Gabriel Del Otto’s Catwoman looks like a dude.

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I like a lot of Tom King’s stuff but grew tired of his Batman run. I’m gonna pass on anything relating to that, such as this spin-off from it.

I was going to say something but was waiting if someone else thought the same thing. What’s up with Batman’s cape too? It’s defying all physics itself…

I get the cape. He’s drawing it like bat wings. But that Catwoman though…

I get it as well but just wanted to point out that it’s a “magic” cape… :wink:

Ooooooo Magic!!!

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This is the song playing in Batman’s head… thinking about Catwoman…

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Lol. I love that song lol

There’s team variants for Batman 100 and no one ever mentioned them no one ever cared.

Because Batman #100 is going to have a billion of them printed… it was dead on arrival since it has the #100 on it… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Maybe over time, that splash page of an appearance will cause the value to creep up though. It’s going to take a while for demand to outpace supply.

I think this is more of an unintended continuation on Kings run on BM, as opposed to a ‘spin off’, per se. He was forced off the book early, due to slumping sales for that title, and subsequently this series was introduced to allow King to finish telling his story. That’s how I see it.

Y A W N !!!

Will grab it from the $1 bins…I’d like to read it, as I like king, but don’t want to pay for it.

Wasn’t this supposed to come out a long time ago. I feel like it was. Even back before COVD even.