Batman Catwoman #4

Check out the cover to Batman Catwoman #4 featuring Helena Wayne, Batman and Catwoman’s daughter


Hows this series on orders? Large run?

Is this series in or out of continuity? Been meaning to pick it up, but haven’t yet…

Its hard to say. This book seems likec it will jump between time periods/decades. In an earlier time period (which I assume is present day) Bruce does mention Alfred has passed away. This leads me to believe that takes place in the King / Tynion rebirth continuity.

That being said, Death Metal appears to be reversing ALL Crisis events and making EVERYTHING FROM EVERY CONTINUITY matter.

Yeah, interesting. So do we think the ‘child’ of Bruce and Selina first appearance will be good spec? And do we know what issue it will be in?

I’ve been saving up all of my Death Metal main books and tie-ins for a good Christmas read. So I am behind the curve on what is going on. Was hoping to splurge read and then dive straight into Future State.

I think it is a great cover, and if she appears in costume in the book it could have legs, I know fans feel burned by King’s Batman run so I do not think shops are heavily ordering, but all it is going to take is a few pictures on Facebook or Instagram and it blows up. I haven’t seen it on pre-order yet.

And how exactly does that work, Snyder? Huh? That whole mess is so convoluted that I can’t believe anybody finds it acceptable.

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So I’ve read elsewhere that Helena Wayne was introduced in Catwoman 80th Anniversary Special. I do not own that book, so is anyone able to confirm if that is the case? If it is, then it might blunt the spec on this book?

Looks like it:

Actually looks like we’re 43 years late:

First Huntress (Helena Wayne) is DC Super Stars 17

Edit: ^ that image is the facsimile reprint


You can still find original copies for pretty cheap too…

First appearance of Catwoman breast feeding.

In seriousness though, if she becomes Batwoman in the future timeline it could be something. Not to mention that it’s a cool ass cover.

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That old book is one I’ve been planning to purchase in a 9.8 for years. Never got around to it. If memory serves correctly, she was an Earth-2 character i.e. not the core DC Earth. So not sure if that counts as the same character as this new one or not? In fact, given what they are doing with Death Metal, does anyone know what that means anymore? : )

Yes, Snyder explained it all to me and me alone over a bottle of Kombucha. Nobody else will ever get to understand regardless of how many comics they read and everybody will die frustrated. What a glorious plan for a story!

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I’ll tell you that there a TON of one shots that happen between issues and sometimes you forget exactly what is going on in the main title. That being said, I have enjoyed it for the most part. My favorite book might be Infinte Hour Xxxxtreme!

Also, I’m not entirely sure that Death Metal leads right into Future State. I only say that because I read a solicit for Future State Batman / Dark Detective that reads “Mayor Christopher Nakano has outlawed all masks”. Nakano appears in Detective Comics 1027-1031, which seems to happen outside of the Death Metal events.

This is part of what screws me up with comics: When/Where do these events happen? I ask because Justice League lead directly into Hell Arisen and then Death Metal. However the individual character books (Bat family, Flash, Supes, etc) don’t seem to be in the same timeline or Earth (dimension?) as Justice League. Is Justice League / Death Metal taking place on Prime Earth and, for instance, the Joker War taking place elsewhere?

Well that comment has ruined my positive anticipation of the several hours of reading I need to invest to get up to speed! :wink:

You can say that again about all the TON of one shots. I glibly asked my LCS to put aside all of the one-shots for me. When I got my bill last month I was like “HOW MUCH!!!?” :frowning: :hushed:

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#3 looks to be the 1st appearance…

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Did she forget her pants?


1st cover