Batman Detective Comics 1027

Was reviewing some high-level information on the issue:

The number of covers on this is on the bigger side. It does not seem like anything eventful happens in this book, but was curious what others thought on it. TFAW does not have any covers up yet.

They’ve had all the covers up for a few weeks now.

I get ‘Image not available’

My apologies. I thought you meant they weren’t up for sale. My bad.

I don’t believe they’ve released the art yet.

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For those that thought, “Imma wait until Detective 1027 is inevitably discounted before I buy,” here you go.

TFAW has these on sale for 1/2 of cover price.

It was inevitable the regular covers would drop in price, who called November for it happening?

I did!

Golden apple still hasn’t shipped my Momoko cover.

I was going to wait until the inevitable 80% off sale.