Batman Superman #1 Preview in this weeks DC books

Setting the table for Anthony in case he wants to name who’s on the last Page of issue #1’s advance PDF. Most of us already suspected and there’s a chance it may happen 1st in Batman Who Laughs #7. If it doesn’t it’s one of those situations where #2 will be Second Appearance 1st Full things again. The book has also been heavily solicited for store custom variants so you never know if one of those is going to snatch 1st Cover away either. 100% returnability ability offered to stores by DC with strings to meet to qualify so it may be heavily ordered even without the advance pdf out now.

I just hope that it has some staying power as I really liked the concept of what I think you’re talking about.

The storyline itself says there will be more than one over time and the APDF shows they take the time to point that out and start playing the who’s it going to be, mess with your mind game. There’s an interesting infection delivery system that makes it easy to add more.

I’m starting to wonder why they’re bothering trying to put more items to do on the table when they’re unable to get the one’s they already have promised out the door. Doomsday Clock 11 just delayed again along with Shazam and Young Justice.

This series doesn’t even FOC until next month so there’s plenty of time but it makes me wonder why the pdf for this can be out this far in front but Doomsday Clock 11 just got delayed back to the same shipping date of Aug 28 after being delayed another 2 weeks.

Finish what you started before starting something your probably not going to finish. I can just see Naomi2 getting story arcs like “is AARP right for me” and “where else can my seniors discount save me on beverages?” That twinkle suit better have room for some Depends under there by the time she figures out how to do anything.

I like to have a tool in my box for every situation so a thought occurs to me.

What happens if we get a one panel 1st appearance in Batman Who Laughs #7? Even if it’s one of those full page one’s that’s equal to 6 normal panels.

Then we would know we have a Second Appearance, one full page equal to 6 normal panels in Batman Superman #1.

Would that then make Batman Superman #2 the Third Appearance First Full Appearance?

What happens if someone only appears on one panel each comic like some of those ghost narrators or maybe that ghost general from GI Combat? Is there such a thing as Forty-Eighth Appearance First Full appearance if he gets shown twice in that issue?

There should be a book for these things somewhere. :zap:

More questions.

Up in the sky, in the dark of the night, trust no one – for the Secret Six walk among us! It’s all happening in the brand-new series Batman/Superman , coming from DC in August and spinning directly out of the smash-hit miniseries The Batman Who Laughs .

Now, DC announces that Batman/Superman #1 will feature exclusive variant covers available to participating retailers . And, for the first time, these retailer exclusive images will be printed on card stock covers !

If I’m reading this right they’re putting the hard push on stores to get customs and those customs will be Cardstock.

At the same time, the issue itself is fully returnable.

(NOTE: Retailers will be allowed to return 100% ofSuperman Batman #1 if their combined FOC orders on the main covers and variants equal 150% of their FOC orders for Heroes in Crisis #1 JUL180592)

If I’m reading this right it looks like stores can order customs and will have the option to return unsold stock!!!


Just noticed the Free Preview added in the back of some DC books this week for Batman Superman #1.

I can’t spoil the delivery system since it’s already in the book in those hopped up Batarang Molds.

It appears they just spoiled the spoiler themselves with Billy Batson hopped up on crazy juice.

If you’re still guessing at home it’s NOT The Billy Who Laughs!!! We’ll just have to see at the end of August assuming they don’t delay it even further.

Why are they Previewing it this far in advance?
FOC Date 8/5/2019
EstShipDate 8/28/2019

6 more weeks until the book ships and we’ve already read the best parts for free.

Is it this preview of Billy Batson that they’re showing that we pointed out in Shazam Who Laughs topic?

That’s the ticket!!! Wait until Anthony shows you the last page of the book. :cowboy_hat_face: