Shazam Who Laughs

Looks like Batman Who Laughs #7 could be a key book leading up to the Shazam Who Laughs, the evil Shazam that is set to debut in Superman Batman #1 coming out in August.

Screenrant provided this image showing an evil looking Billy Batson, setting up as a potential cameo I think of what’s to come.

There’s a pretty sweet looking Finch cover for BWL #7:

Batman Who Laughs #7 (of 7) (Finch Variant)

Might not be a bad idea to pick up a copy if you hadn’t planned on it.

BWL #7 Regular Cover:

Batman Who Laughs #7 (of 7)

(Edit: This Billy Batson image apparently is a preview in Batman Superman #1, not BWL #7 - Snyder claims “But there is a hook at the very end that leads you into Batman/Superman.”, when asked about BWL #7).

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Shazam Who Laughs is not on the cover. Cameo + no cover + high print run = not good spec.

It’ll be no more a “key” than Dark Nights Metal #2.

However…if there’s a store variant or second print with this character featured on the cover…that’s the one you want to roll th dice on.

You can’t say that about every first appearance. Kamala Khan’s first appearance is basically her as just a person in the pane, no name, no dialogue.

It’s spec if you can buy at cover and sell for $10, $15 or more if the market is there. That’s spec’ing. Long term spec, maybe not so much but we’ll let the market decide eventually.

I’m holding out for “The Calendar Man That Laughs” or maybe “The Stone Boy That Laughs” … :vulcan_salute:

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So if he’s one of the BWL Robin’s, wouldn’t that make his first appearance in one of the Metal issues?

Probably but we might have to verify in BWL #7… As all those evil looking Robins look the same.