Batman: The Dark Knight (April 2021)

New mini-series coming this spring. Batman in Europe facing a new villain.


Tom Taylor? Yah!

More Batman comics though?

Something about this felt a little more gritty, grounded, and generally more interesting than the other Batbooks. I just read the article though, so it’s not a lot to go on. Fingers crossed.

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I was going to comment elsewhere about how good the logos on DC’s new books are - pretty much all the Future State titles, and then the new Robin book. And then I see this. It’s fine, but not on the same level.

DC obviously wants to publish what sells, but I do think they’re flogging all things Gotham to death. I’m planning to pass on this, new villain or not.

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As a born and bred Londoner I think I’m going to find it hard to resist Bats in my home town regardless of the spec potential

I hear ya. If Batman came to my current and longtime residence of Saint Louis I’d read it.

Would he go there, or… East St Louis?

More landmarks in Saint Louis proper. Swing around the Arch, try some STL-style pizza.


Fried ravioli!