Batman Titles

Tom King’s been taken off his run and put on Batman/Catwoman. The main Batman title will be reduced to a monthly. All of the Laughs, Outsiders, etc satellite titles and Snyder is still writing weird, disjointed Batman stories… DC has got me like:

I kind of get the sense they throw Snyder on just about any and everything to get people to buy it. Snyder does ongoing titles well, give him a title or two and let him run with it. Stop making him the neighborhood bicycle where everyone’s gotten a ride…

I find it funny Batman is third behind Amazing Spider-Man and now Immortal Hulk in regular monthly/bi-monthly titles…and if you add up the two issues it sells per month it’s almost double Immortal Hulk…and it doesn’t have silly second prints, store variants and incentives fluffing it’s sales like IH and ASM does…

But DC doesn’t think King’s stories sell enough books for the title…we will see what happens when he leaves…Wouldn’t surprise me if BM/Catwoman series does better in sales…

Depends on the story telling I guess. All I can say is, as much as I like King for most things he’s written, I didn’t like the direction of Batman. Just wasn’t that interesting for me. I think King excels at the mini-series over the ongoing.

I don’t care who is writing if Jock is doing art. I’ve found that, “Batman Who Laughs,” mini-series to be messy plot-wise, but damn if it doesn’t look good.

The thing I like about King’s run on Batman is how long he’s drawn out some threads and returned to rather than going from standalone arc to standalone arc. It hasn’t been perfect, but it’s got me reading every release. I thought Annual 2 was Eisner-worthy, but whatever.

I agree about Kings approach towards his Batman run, @PanelPunx. I think it reads a lot better as a TPB, as opposed to bi-weekly issues. I think if King were to write short arc after short arc for Batman, while weaving his long term story into the guts of those short arcs, that might have helped some readers stay interested in the longer winded story that he is telling. Imo.

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