BEST $100 CGC - DC book with Potential

Hello Team,

I’m reaching out to inquire what would you buy if you had $100 to buy a DC CGC Key (Preferably 9.8)

Currently, the best option I found for 9.8 were:

Detective 569 CGC 9.8 (Batman, Joker and Catwoman Cover, Direct Edition, pub 1987)($105)
URL: Detective Comics Vol 1 569 | DC Database | Fandom

Batman 489 CGC 9.8 (2nd Bane, NEWSTAND, pub 1993)($120)
URL: Batman Vol 1 489 | DC Database | Fandom

That is a pretty cool Joker cover. Detective 569 would be my choice.

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I was going to say a 9.6 Omega Men #3…that thing sat at $100 or less forever…now I see they’re pushing $200. So I suppose that undervalued ship has sailed.

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That is so true. Its almost impossible to get any decent keys especially at $100 mark. Now would you drop $200 for a key in CBCS and it sells for $500-$600 CGC?

Also seems like most keys that are safe for DC tends to be Batman.

I agree with you, but I’m hesitant about the 569 because it is not NEWSSTAND. These days NEWSSTAND is king, if you look at Batman 497, that is night and day difference in price when comparing a newsstand vs direct.

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Sideways #1…don’t think we’ve seen the last of him.

Absolutely! I’d crack, press and send it to CGC. Good chance I’d get a grade bump if it wasn’t already a 9.8.

But show me a book with that much disparity between CBCS and CGC. At most they’re 20% difference, plus true keys in CBCS slabs are likely hard to come buy just because CGC has such a large market share. And those selling likely aren’t going with CBCS to sell their book. I only sell mine because I sometimes have multiple and planning on keeping the best/highest grade for the PC.

Which be of you snatched this up?

Cover A was featured on a website as a key that has potential yesterday…prices are now $175 and up for B and approaching $300 for cover A now…

Soon @agentpoyo I will have my day of reckoning! (I’ve had my cover A at $350 and B at $250 shipped for almost a year…)

I would snag a Future State Wonder Woman 1. Not a lot of 9.8 graded keys you can get for $100 but that ones probably $130 right and on the rise.

Yeah, you’ll be hollering at me from your grave to my grave… “Hey poyo… I finally sold my books for way more profit vs when I should have sold them RAW! Har har har!” :wink:

Isn’t that what it’s all about in the end?

Honestly, I don’t really hope to see Naomi for over $200. For some reason, she seem so forced right now … Given todays era, it seems like everything is built on spec, except for a few. One the DC key that is start to get its due is Bane, its the first time that a Vengeance of Bane CGC 9.8 has surpassed Batman 386 CGC 9.8 or Detective 474 CGC 9.8 (1st modern Deadshot). Im with Poyo on this, it maybe tough to bet to sell Naomi CVR A for ($350). Unless they can do a BTAS series or she is a feature film.