Biggest regret on sale of comic

We heard so many great flip stories. However about biggest comic sale regrets:

Mine was when I had a 10 copies Darth Vader #3 1st Aphra all CBCS 10 on ebay for $125 each. They were sitting there for over 6 months with no interest and suddenly all the books were sold in a couple of days. A few days later there was news of potential show and development of Aphra character and the book has since taken off. So ultimately i missed the boat on the aphra character.

any other interesting stories?

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I have so many i can’t begin to list them

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Bought Teen Titans Go 23 in High Grade with the insert still in off someone on instagram for $20 a while ago, was gonna keep it until I saw copies were going for $150+ and managed to sell it for that. Its been fluctuating between $150-$300+ since

Ghost rider #1 (1973). Bought at a flea market for 20 cents. Sold for $3 or so. It was a mid grade copy.

This was around 1990.

Also sold a set of NYX 1-6 for $15 about 10 years ago. For some reason the former is a bigger regret than the later.


turned down 75 copies of strange academy #1 cover A for 2 bucks each. thought i had enough already


omg, 20 cents to $3. OUCH on that Ghost Rider.

Percentage wise, that’s a great ROI though… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Passed on 25 copies of first black winter for cover. Sold my submariner #1 for $70 three times what I paid about 10 years ago. Never replaced it nor do I want to at the price it goes for other major keys I’ve sold and never replaced X-men 94 no need have giant size. Sold my 1st Ghostrider around the same time but I replaced that years later for less than the first one I bought and sold

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That department of truth 1:25 #2 kinda irks me sold it for $50 but it sat unsold for 2 months now all the sudden people want it.

Yea it was. 5000%!

Also had a Kamandi #1 and iron fist #1 I picked up for 20 cents and sold with the ghost rider. Might have made $10 total.

Now I’m trying to acquire both Marvel Spotlight 5 and Marvel Premiere 15, ironically…

They just seem to get further and further from reach…but I have a few Star Wars Kanan #6s coming back from CBCS some day…hoping for 9.6s.

Or Maybe Naomi #1 May spike again and I can turn those 9.8s into into some Bronze Age gold…or something…

The way the market is right now I feel like everything I sell now is a future regret later…

And by later I mean in 2 weeks when it’s selling for double what I sold it for.


I have zero regrets… Regrets will cut your life shorter. Sell and move on I say… (or don’t sell and still move on)…


My CGC 9.8 Star Wars 42…3-4 months ago. :neutral_face:

Walking dead 1 (nycc) 5-92 sold for $300 about a year before the show was announced. This one still bothers me the most

Silver surfer 4 about a 7.0. Paid $25 almost 15 years ago. Sold it for $125 or so

Journey into mystery 83 GRR with the record. Paid $20 and traded for bowen thor statues

Asm 300 cgc 9.2. Got in a trade for some statues. Traded to my friend for a sideshow harley quinn premium format statue. Eventually sold all the statues, and friend sold the asm 300 for $150. Definitely a regret for both of us LOL

That’s the major ones that really stick out to me. Had plenty others also

Yep I only sell what I have doubles of now or Stuff I specially bought to sell. No regrets and sometimes I upgrade my personal copies in the process. I just sold a UF 4 this week at a 5000% profit from the $10 I paid. When I pulled it out the poly bag after all these years and had it graded I knew I needed to upgrade. I have a nm+ 1st print I paid $300 for to replace it about a year back and 6 nm+ 2nd prints. So even though I’m sure the copy I sold will go up more I’m still well covered myself.

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Amazing Spiderman #129 8.5 cgc Sold $1100
Fantastic Four #48 cbcs 5.5 Sold $900
Sold both June of 2019.

I made a small return off both, but it hurts knowing what they are at now.

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Oh…yeah, that was likely bad.

I sold my NYX #3 (CGC 9.6) for $350 about a week before the news broke. I’ve been kicking myself ever sense and have yet to replace it.

My UF4 9.8 sold last year for just around 1K. Bought for $100. But seeing its prices just a few months later triple has me steeped in regret.

I have mentioned it many times but my 9.8 estimated raw NYX. I sold it for $300. Day after I shipped it news came out she was gonna be in Logan. Price shot up. Only regret ever. Paid $3.99 so it was a great ROI. Also like Alana I sold 2X Dept of Truth #2 1:25. They went for like $50-60. Now it’s crazy.

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