Bjorn Barends appreciation

This German artist has made some pretty amazing covers for Spawn and his other artwork is of high quality. It appears that he blends 3D and 2D methods for creating a fantasy feel. I’ve become a fan.

image image image image


Hes killing the Spawn covers.

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Any idea what cover that Harley art is from?

I think it is for his own drawing. Reminds me of Derrick Chew that created a Harley piece years prior to it getting a cover.

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I don’t know Nocturnal Rabbit, but Barends has partnered with them for his own cover of Primordial #1.

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:fire: :fire: :fire: :fire_engine: :fire_engine: :fire: :fire: :fire:

McFarlane has said that Bjorn creates a clay model of each cover Bjorn does, then paints(?) the cover based on his own 3-D clay model. McFarlane then goes on to say that this works great for his toy company because he can use Bjorns clay models as molds for Spawn toys.


Again…crazy detail. Even the flies…


This guy is ridiculous

F’in LOVE this guy

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Wow. Great cover. Just wow damn.

Izzys Exclusive, by Barends

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Spawn 323 C cover


I’m having a hard time finding a spot to order that King Spawn #3 Barends cover pictured above?. I think it is now the “D” cover as McFarlane has a not yet shown “c”.

I’ve seen this listed as King Spawn #3 vs Spawn #323?. Maybe I’m just thoroughly lost.

No luck with TFAW which I prefer.
My shops can be a bit unreliable even with open order stuff. I don’t want to miss this book.
I’ll use ebay if need be.

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@monopolyjackson Thank you! I see McFarlane will also have a cover for King Spawn #3 but it still isn’t released yet and getting close to FOC. May be another to keep an eye on.

So many Spawn books and varied covers. I’ve always tried to be a completist with Spawn (regular/open order covers only-not the ratio type variants), but I threw in the towel.

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Strange that they are the same cover, but yet with a different character. Maybe they changed it to match the story?

And that’s why I don’t like digital art like that. Few clicks away and Walla! new cover. I like the original ones better.

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Venom #1 from Frankie’s Comics

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