Black Friday Deals on Toys or Comics POST HERE:

I’m sure there will be some good deals to be had out there soon let’s keep them together. Please post any Black Friday deals on comics, toys, or gaming you find. Lots of exclusive toys come out this month and lots of us have kids that want them.

Selling for $60-$100 on EBay find Gigawatt in stock here for $29.99. I have one it’s cool but let me warn you it’s small, fits in the palm of your hand.

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I got one too

Sweet! I bought two. Try and sell one on ebay for $60 to make it free. If not I’ll just give one to a nephew or something for xmas

I grabbed 2. Also had a $5 coupon for being a pro member.

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Only the limited numbered one is selling for that much, or higher.

They’re all selling for high prices. The #d one is selling for $90+. The regular one is selling for $60. It’s possible some people dont know there are two different versions

Yes I believe many people don’t know there is a difference. I have checked several listings and see some people paying $100 for in hand items. The ones #d to 1985 which havent been released yet and are pre-order sales are also selling for $100 or more in some cases

Sweet. I already sold one for $56 shipped. Have a 5 day handling time on my ebay listing so don’t have to ship until next week. So mine cost me $4 lol thanks @Alana

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What’s up with the windshield on the limited ones?

Available for pre-order at Walmart too…these’ll be in stores eventually, it appears.

Walmart doesn’t have the greatest track record with action figure pre-orders, but maybe they are getting better.

The only problem I’ve had with Walmart pre-orders has been damage Due to poor packaging. They throw stuff in boxes without padding or in padded envelopes with no reinforcement. If condition of the package maters to you, it’s likely better to wait until they hit the shelves (As it’s packaged better in bulk) rather than have it shipped to the store Or to your house as a single Item.

I grabbed 2 of these as well. Paid $2.00 for expedited shipping.

PS5 and Xbox Series X games buy 2 get one free starts today at Target. Limited amount of titles so far for the PS5. Both consoles should have stock at Walmart and Target this week as well. The Xbox Series X on the 10th and the PS5 on the 12th at midnight EST.

I just got an email that Midtown is having a .99 cent sale on Monday 11/9/2020. The sale is on old issues. From year 2000-present. The link they provided does not work yet. Maybe it’s set on a timer. Ill post it tomorrow unless someone else provides one.

Xbox Series X available on

Up to 60% off on signed comics at Midtown

Saw that this morning. Sort by cheapest and there are some Batman 75 for $1.80. I am sure you can flip signed comics for way more than that.

Yea I have been doing that for a few years. I buy just about anything under $5. I have sold stuff like the James Bond and Millennium tv show signed books as well. Sometimes they have really good stuff up there for cover price like when they had Silver Surfer Black #1, Venom #11 and Web of Venom Carnage Born #1 all signed by Cates for cover price. I try to stay away from Midtown due to problems I have had but some of these sales are legit and you can find good stuff to flip easily so I go back once in a while