Black Manta #1

Haven’t seen this talked about much. But I noticed the solicit for Black Manta #1 mentions a new hero and new villain.


It’s on FOC this week as well.


Black Manta #1 (of 6) (Cover A - Valentine De Landro)
Black Manta #1 (of 6) (Cover B - Sanford Greene Card Stock Variant)

I like Issue #2 regular… gives me that Venom #3 vibe… :slight_smile:

Black Manta #2 (of 6) (Cover A - Valentine De Landro)


I was just having a convo about this yesterday. No mention of the book. I’m in for the first issue see what’s up. Liking the covers so far.

Agreed, and I have Aquaman 100pg on order as well as I suspect a cameo will be in that book.

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It’s actually an homage to SiKTC #5 cover A.

Yeah, that one also gave me the same vibes.

Is it a homage though? Seems like it’s very common type of cover/pose for heroes vs villains.

Good point, maybe just a copy of the cover I guess?

As the resident Aquaman homer, I have all these on order :slight_smile:

Black Manta #1 (of 6) (Cover C - 1:25 Francis Manapul Card Stock Variant) shows to still be in stock…

Or maybe not… I just clicked and it denied me cause I was curious. Haha… damn you TFAW shitty indexing… :wink:

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I think this may be Torrid. The solicit mentions that Torrid is a she, and she escaped from Hell. That sword looks like a Hell blade to me…


Man, I am unimpressed with this first issue. Bummer.

I like Black Manta and feel when written well he’s a cool character. You’re saying this issue did not write him well? If so, I’m sad I won’t like it now.

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To each their own. Maybe it was just me. I like things others don’t and don’t like things others do. Don’t take my word for it.

For example I liked King in Black up until issue 5, then it felt cheap and rushed.

Is there a particular issue(s) that describe the origin of Black Manta, his powers, what makes him a villain ? Whats the story behind his eye beams ?

In an Aquaman story ? A mini-series ? Is this new series supposed to be it ?

I just dont get why he is Aquamans foil, considering his power-set ? OceanMaster seemed to be a better foil for Aquaman.

That’s how I felt about, “King in Black,” as well. Uh-oh for how I’ll view this issue of, “Black Manta,” when I read it…