Black Widow Credits Scene Spoiler!

“Contessa Valentina shows up on the post credit scenes (which happens after the events of Endgame) and talks to Yelena (who apparently have been working for Contessa Val for some time now) and gives her the information that the person responsible for Natasha’s death was Hawkeye in case she’s looking for vengeance.

Taskmaster is General Dreykov’s daughter who Natasha thought she had killed on her last mission before joining the Avengers.

Other than that I can’t remember if there’s any other important spoiler”
From a fellow forum member who watched it last night.


So I assume this means Yelena will show up in the Hawkeye show and Contessa seems to be a major player in the next phase of the MCU.


Yes, she is starting some Dark Avenger or West Coast Avenger team in parallel.

I saw the movie this evening. I liked it!


I like how Contessa is basically doing what Nick Fury did in Phase 1, appearing at the end credits and recruiting members


I did love it too
But seriously, does anyone ever get hurt? Neither of the Widows are the Hulk or Thor that can simply absorb falls, bullets, smashes, and other crazy stuff.

Bought my 84 year old dad and in the final action scene he leans over to me and asks “Not a scratch on any of them”? LOL.
I didn’t have an answer for him,


I mean, we had that scene showing off the bruises and where they were buying painkillers because they were sore and it was joked Thor didn’t need ibuprofen. I see your point though!

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I had a feeling Taskmaster was female. I kept saying in the trailers the character had feminine movements. I do have a Deadpool Max 5 that I’ve been holding onto in case it was confirmed. What to do now?

Sell it ASAP if you can get good money for it. Unless this new Taskmaster ends up being used more the spec will tank, I theorize. The character was just so bland in the movie. This is all my opinion and I could be horribly wrong, however.


That Sgt Fury one shot with Anya has shot up to $100 still don’t know if that’s the book or if it’s the other Anya from the previous black widow series.

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I LOVED the movie. From the action to the easter eggs Taskmaster reveal (I thought it was the supplier guy helping) the fighting was definitely Bourne sequel. Got my 3 Comics. Today was a good day. End credits is definitely homaging Nick Fury when he started the Avengers. Kinda fucced up how Valentina is blaming Hawkeye? Would Clints wife/family blame Natasha?

I overall liked it. My only issues were using burn scars to convey villainy and I wish they cast people in these roles who can fight believably. Seeing Black Widow do amazing stunts and then seeing Scarlet pop-up in front of the camera really takes me out of it. They should have just cast Heidi to play the entire role.

Just saw the movie with my kids. We all liked it. I am still assessing the “incredibly dysfunctional family comes together” storyline in my mind. I agree regarding prior comments about no one getting seriously wounded given all the fighting, falls, flying bullets, and crazy destruction that occurred. Our main characters just had some aches & pains…lol. But I am always willing to ignore reality for the latest Marvel movie.

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Widow was covered in bruises after the first taskmaster fight. But these are super hero movies, I expect them to be doing superhero things.

Yeaaaa… I’m with ya. It’s the only way to get through that craziness is just remind oneself “they’re superheroes”.
I guess I just feel putting in a bit of realism does give a sense of real danger to heroes. And honestly I never felt that way throughout the movie. I guess I was spoiled by Infinity War

You expect Black Widow to do super hero things?

Nice! I bought four of them a couple of weeks ago for cover price. Time to list a couple! No values meals this weekend! I’m going to Denny’s!

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Ya i expect her to jump out of a crashing helicarrier and make it to the ground alive LOL.

Watched the movie last night.

Man, Marvel Studios really dropped the ball on this one. More disappointing than Thor 2. The action & acting was…decent. But everything else: script, green screen, cgi, VFX…was just bad. It almost felt like a crappy Disney+ show. Taskmaster was under-used, under-developed; Olga Kurylenko barely had any dialogue. I’m assuming she’ll be back at a later time.

The movie had a 1 year delay to get things right and it failed.

I kind of liked it. Director needs to work on zooming out more though, some scenes felt like TV. The action was not bad but they need to get out of the whole jerky spasming action scenes. As a whole it was pretty entertaining. I agree about Taskmaster, who was underused but I think they wanted to focus more on Natasha’s ‘family dynamic’ more and there is only so much time in a movie. They did stuff a lot into the time they had.

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