Black Widow Credits Scene Spoiler!

I blogged about how I liked it:

My biggest complaint was Taskmaster being wasted as a villain.

The movie was fine. I didnt expect it to be a top 10 Marvel movie. It was a send off to the Black Widow and introduced her replacement. The family stuff was good. Its in the bottom 1/3 of Marvel movies, but that bar is pretty high to get any higher than that, especially for a movie that is designed to be a one off with no big story implications.

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Le badass character covered in head to toe in armor and helmet turns out to be bland female with very little development or arc
Its almost expected at this point with Disney.
enfys nest in Solo. Ghost in Ant Man. Now Taskmaster

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Well, not sure comics are any better. Codex? Black Winter? Virus? All pretty badly written, and comics is the source material. Taskmaster could have been done much better but then they would have to cut a ton of their family backstory to fit it. To me Taskmaster just ended up being a large obstacle, not really a main villain. Wonder how the Taskmaster books will do post movie.

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Wonder how this comment would go if it was a big buff dude under that armor, with the same lack of development…

Then they’d be big buff dude in armor…with bad character development. One of the biggest problems the mcu has had is bad villains and even now they still seem to struggle with that


Well, I thought Ultron and Killmonger were pretty well done, but Black Panther didn’t have much backstory that I can remember so they had time to flesh out Killmonger. I guess you have to pick and choose with limited time. A movie with a ton of backstory on the hero will not have time for a huge villain arc, otherwise people will complain the movie was too long or they stuffed too many things in etc. Thanos and Loki’s backstory we’re also developed over several movies and Loki also had the added benefit of having his backstory overlap with Thor’s. The Dark Elves were not done very well. I thought Red Skull’s was just ok. Winter Soldier’s was pretty good, but again spanned a few movies.

I enjoyed the movie but it might as well been Falcon Winter Soldier. FWS was a girl in a mask trying to keep her vials to make Super Soldiers, Black Widow is a girl in a mask trying to get the vials that stop Super Soldiers like her then Contessa shows up at the end of both.


A couple things I took away from the movie, Yelena’s hit on Hawkeye is probably because Echo dresses as Ronin making people think she is Barton in the coming Hawkeye show. Maybe Black Widow will be in a flashback in Hawkeye as well to explain the hiding in the subway vents they had to mention it for a reason in the film. The beginning of this movie takes place in 1995 Captain Marvel takes place in 1995 they mention they stole the brain control science from Shield who was overrun by Hydra at the time as far as we know from Captain Marvel Shield wasn’t infiltrated by Hydra at the time so it looks like there is another story there.

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Florence Pugh is listed for every episode of hawkeye, so I guess we will get our answers pretty quick.


I think most people who know who Taskmaster is (not talking about casual movie goers) would have preferred to see Tony Masters behind the mask. He is an awesome character in the comics but probably would have been underused had it been him in the movie .I don’t think most people care that the antagonist here is a woman but when it comes to such an iconic character at least with comic fans I think most would rather have seen the original. Who knows, we might get the original when all the multiverse hits the fan.

I think most MCU watchers arent comic fans NOW… in the beginning yes. But my mother in law watches all these movies now. My pops older relatives etc. They go in blank no knowledge and they enjoy the hell out of them. I think comic fans go in expecting to much from the pages than seeing a good movie imo.


It wouldnt surprise me if 1 out of every 100 movie attendees actually read the comics.



Less than 1 in 100 probably. Comics sells thousands of copies, movies sell millions of tickets. If it motivates some people to start reading comics tho that’s rad!


So what team is she recruiting, I keep seeing people talk about thunderbolts or dark avengers but based off John walker and yelena I would think it’s more likely a secret avengers team since we still have Sharon Carter out there and moon knight coming.

This movie probably isn’t the greatest MCU movie of all time, but holy @$%$^ $&$# @$^ was I ecstatic to see a new marvel movie in a theater! The crowd all cheered when the Marvel theme music kicked in. I’m so happy about a new movie that I’m not spending 3 seconds swimming in any flaws the movie had.

Positives I took from it:
LOVED the humor. It was almost Ragnaroky in that way, although it wasn’t as pervasive or forced. Loved the Red Guardian. The four main characters had fantastic chemistry.

The intro scene was so well done. Heavy stuff, and set the stakes for the rest of the movie really well.

Pugh was so good. She stole the show (along with Red Guardian). Yelena has a great future in the MCU. I’m pissed I didn’t grab her first app while it was cheap.

So thrilled they didn’t bring back Nat in the post-credits scene. I was afraid they’d tease her return.

So happy for the return of MCU movies!


Yeah, I hope they bring back the Red Guardian, he was hilarious.

Taskmaster, with her skill set, and despite the lack of screen time in this movie, will be used in whatever team they put together going forward. I just can’t see them letting such a powerful weapon go unused. She’ll go the way of Winter Soldier IMO.

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