Black Widow Credits Scene Spoiler!

I enjoyed it. Didn’t go in wanting anything but a fun popcorn movie. Also, didn’t expect anything, and was happy to watch.

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Pretty funny Disney thinks it will be able to release its movie to theaters only no streaming in fall, winter, and beyond. Movie theaters are done. No one wants to be crammed into a room with a bunch of strangers without masks. Even the latest mass shooting at a movie theater a couple days ago wasn’t even a mass shooting because only 10 people were in the theater and 2 were shot.


I want to go to a theater and watch a movie without a mask… in fact I just recently did. I refuse to allow a political football to have dominion over my life.

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A harmful and deadly virus is not a political football…


No politics please! Back on topic!

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Agreed on politics! I miss movies in theaters but also understand the risk due to idiots

Wearing masks shouldn’t be political.

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It shouldn’t be, but in 2021 no one agrees on anything.


Which is how they want us. Divided and at each other’s throats. Also just because idiots have politicized a pandemic doesn’t make it a political issue. It’s a health issue not politics.


I don’t think that is accurate… :wink:

Come on people… back to talking about Black Widow.

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To get back on topic, couldn’t Disney give her a cut of the streaming profits too and all would be well? Why don’t they just do that if they want their stars happy? Or does Disney not mind burning this bridge as Johansson is basically done with the franchise now?

I have to say this comment from Disney trying to turn public opinion against Scarlett is very transparent and pathetic, trying (poorly) to weaponize Covid to smear her.


Who’s this Black Widow you speak of?

What they should have done was if a contract stated exclusively theatrical only release cause part of her income from it is based on sales (Robert Downey Jr did this as well cause it makes them more money long term), immediately since the pandemic hit and they then decided to do both streaming and theatrical, they should have called upon all the contracts based on theatrical only to negotiate a payment plan and cut from sales of such streaming options. Sounds to me like they did breach their contract cause the online streaming wasn’t part of the original deal she gets a cut and she saw none of the sales from those paying for the stream at home.

I’m no lawyer but they could have avoided this headache so they deserve to get sued if you ask me. Probably not even about the money now, it’s just for the principle.


Maybe they don’t care since she already said she’s done being Black Widow… Marvel and Disney are moving on I’m sure… And their staff lawyers need more work so it’s pretty much already paid for to fight a lawsuit but I hope Scarlet’s lawyers gives them migraines daily… :wink:

I totally agree, contracts should have been revisited when the pandemic hit. Disney, in good faith, should have brought the issue to the table but business is dirty.

And since they didn’t, should have at least returned her call in regards to it…

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Imagine being a multimillionaire and getting paid another 20M, then complaining you don’t have enough money.

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