Black Widow Trailer Spec

Looks like Iron Maiden May be in play for Black Widow as her mask is seen in the back ground at the 1:10 mark. Is this an Easter egg or will she appear in the movie? First appearance is in Marvel Fanfare #11 and first cover appearance is in Marvel Fanfare #12

I sold my copies a few weeks ago

I still have a few copies. Think I paid $2 each for five of them. Time to pick the one I want for the PC and sell the rest.

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All mine were $1 bin finds. Mind you, I only had a few, but they were NM. I hope they found good homes.

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Via CNN media reporter:

“Marvel’s Black Widow is getting delayed again. The film is moving from 11/6/20 to 5/7/21.”

And these movies:

"This creates a domino effect with the other Marvel films.

Eternals moves from 2/12/21 to 11/5/21

Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings moves from 5/7/21 to 7/9/21."

Make you wonder if Disney+ Mulan experiment did not work out as they hoped for OR they have better info of a potential Vaccine coming around mid 2021? Just an out loud thought.

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Should of just took the L and gave Black Widow for free on D+. She’s already dead in the MCU not a big deal compared to giving away other Marvel movies for free.

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You would think DC/HBO would just wake up and look at this as a great opportunity to go full steam to take on Disney+.

Crank out good quality DC shows with ATT/HBO money that might help them turn it around from all the crappy big budget DC movies. That might change the landscape in Marvel vs DC TV show spec if this would to happen one would assume.

DC Animation movies is what I look forward to watching.

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Yeah but they want hundreds of millions and then more money when they release on D+ so people sign up…

Well, first of all, DC has has a pretty lackluster release of movies lately so it’s going to take good directors, good scripts, good writing and great acting or DC will always fall behind Marvel movies and characters as being relatable and likeable… Disney is still trying to catchup to Netflix themselves…

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CDC director has already stated that a covid vaccine will most likely be available for mass production and availability in late 2nd quarter, or early 3rd quarter of 2021. That is a reasonable assumption to make, that there will a widely available vaccine ready for the middle of next year.

Good news of day is J&J moving to Phase 3 testing.

Fingers crossed!

That’s if it works and here in the U.S. only those more vulnerable will get it first…

I have no reason to leave the house though… I work from home. I only leave to get food and essentials…

Remember, everyone in Marvel is Immortal. :blush:

The vaccine is expected to be ready in the 1st quarter of 2021 for front line workers. Then widely available for global consumption and production in late 2nd/early 3rd quarter. So, it should be available to everyone by mid next year.

Gotta say this does not surprise me. With that it looks as though most Star Wars projects are going to hit D+ long before Phase Four films hit the theaters (or wherever). Star Wars spec books may get even more interests. It is a possibility and Star wars is just starting to hit its stride as a legit comic collectible…just sayin.

Expected and actually works are completely different. I’m just not that optimistic the vaccine will be effective, that soon and that quick… when most vaccines in our history have taken years to truly end up being effective.

Where are we at with a vaccine for the rest of the world? Russia seems to have had a setback.

Boston seems to be inching closer to the second wave.

who in their right mind would take a rushed, barely tested vaccine, thats clearly being pushed out before the election for political reasons

My wife wanted to see Mulan. Asked me for my password so we could stream it on the TV. Then she found out it was $30 and said hell no. She will wait till its free content.

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