Black Winter in Silver Surfer Black #4?

Looks as that people are speculating it may be Black Winter on the cover and interior of SS Black #4.

Granted it’s orange not black, could be artist rendition, the words Black Winter are said but it appears more to be talking about from where Galactus came and not that the eyes in the cloud are Black Winter. Some feel the eyes in the cloud are the formation of Galactus. Thoughts?

Yeah, I’m thinking the cover art has more to do with Galactus forming than the Black Winter. Firstly, the narrative is Galactus-centric with a small interior cameo of the Black Winter. I wouldn’t expect a single introductory line about the Black Winter to warrant cover art. Secondly, it doesn’t really matter… the issue does have a Black Winter cameo. On top of that, this issue has a 1:25 Momoko Knull cover. SSB is a great series, underrated, and will be mined for spec in years to come (i.e. 3 Guards from #1, Void Knight #2, Black Winter Cameo/Peach 1:25 Cover #4).

Where it would matter…if that is Black Winter in that panel (even if cover isn’t)…that would make SSB4 the first BW appearance/cameo and predates Thor 2 which many call first app/cameo right now.

And I do agree that SSB is a good series. I have multiple copies of 1/2/4 myself (and also Thor 2/4/5 to cover all my bases. Ha).

Yeah, I dunno why Cates gets so much hate. I’ve enjoyed everything he’s put out in some capacity (both as a reader and a speculator). And, honestly, the drive he’s displayed in crafting both quality, on-time Marvel and artist-owned properties–as well as the passion he exudes when speaking to him about story and narrative–really reminds me of Stan Lee at times. And I can see him continue to be a driving force within Marvel and, maybe one day, the next preeminent comic ambassador.

Yeah, I saw this via direct tweet… looks like that killerspec was asking the likely best source to confirm…

@Doncates So is that Black Winter we see right before Galactus emerges from his incubator or is that just Galactus being born in SSB#4 #blackwinter #thor

— Killerspec (@Killerspec1) June 25, 2020

Yeah will be interesting if Cates comments.

Only he can put it to rest. I went and read the issue. I truly think Black Winter is just referenced. If you look at the pictures and what emerges, it’s Galactus so we can possibly assume it’s Galactus also on the cover. The only thing I think that would make this Black Winter cameo is if he’s the cloud surrounding him to create Galactus…

If we want to dig really deep…is Black Winter being discussed way back in Starlin’s run of Thanos (#4). Is it what Cates is drawing upon?

If the stuff around Galactus is Black Winter, then we can just go all the way back to Thor #169 that drunkwooky mentioned on the main site as being Black Winter… :wink:

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Pulling that issue up now… :slight_smile:

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Galactus was created WELL before Silver Surfer Black which takes place in the future where Frank Castle is Cosmic Ghostrider. Galactus is from the previous universe and was spared by the Big Bang it was later retcond that the Big Bang was Omnipotentis and she spared Galactus’s life so he could be her hearld also destroying the many other Galactus that existed in the old universe when it was a singleverse Omnipotentis created the multiverse by eating the singleverse. So if I worked at Marvel writing comic books I would take the time to learn the lore instead of just winging it making shit up like Donny Cates

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I don’t understand the comment. SSB takes place in the past. What were you referring to @Alana?

Can you stop? Donny writes for Marvel. I’m sure some person above him is approving this. If Marvel wants to rewrite their own characters, they can. This is all fictional anyways, fiction is nothing but “winging it and making shit up”… FFS!

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Yes, most of it does take place in the past. Almost the entire issue #4 is Silver Surfer going back to kill Galactus before he becomes what he is… hence the whole, he’s in the incubator, etc.

Thanos takes place in the future that’s where the fallen ones from anything else written after that would be Donny Cates destroying Silver Surfer’s story.

That’s only your opinion…

Silver Surfer Black which takes place in the future where Frank Castle is Cosmic Ghostrider

The way i read the entirety of the story line is that Silver surfer is responsable for his own creation and took place near the begining of time when galactus was being born unto this universe. He went theough several cylces of the universe being born and reborn.

So that would make ur statement both true and false :thinking:

Just read the issue… well, skimmed most of the beginning. So you’re saying Hunger in it could be Black Winter?

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Galactus wasn’t born into the universe he was spared during the destruction of the last universe that’s cannon from Marvel

But he wasn’t Galactus in the last universe… he wasn’t Galactus until this Universe… And we all know who he was prior…