Blue Beetle (2023) Trailer


Looks like it will be a trendsetting & innovative new take on the superhero movie genre. :roll_eyes:

Anyone know when it comes out streaming yet?


Do you guys think this is going to be Zany or merely Wacky? I only spec on Zany.

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Tough crowd. I think this looks fun. Not every movie is going to reinvent cinema, especially in the superhero genre.


Looks like it will be a fun movie. Need more popcorn flicks.

I have no problem with fun movies.

I am in the wacky camp myself, but I think you’re right, it will be more zany.

It looks like a genuinely fun movie. I’m in.

That being said, you can always make a “trendsetting and innovative” superhero movie as long as that take SERVES the story and the character.

It’s a big risk but totally pays off big when done right for that movie and the superhero genre overall.

It’s hard to judge a movie by the trailer, as those always look great. Hell, I thought the Phantom Menace trailer was the greatest 2-3 minutes in TV history, and that movie IMO is borderline unwatchable now.

But, this looks pretty fun. Love seeing the Cobra Kai dude leveling up to a big movie!

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How does James Gunn feel about it? Is this a one and done film or is BB going to see more screen time in other movies? From the looks of it I would think he would fit in well with the type of movies Gunn likes to make, minus excessive gore.

BB is likely to get folded with the new DCU as it doesnt have any DCEU strings attached to it. And it’s pretty easier since it’s an origin story.

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Looks fun.

Much better than I hoped, and better than the previous WB/DC trash of Shazam 2 and Black Adam…

Phantom Menace at least has the fun racing scene. Episode 2 sucks worse. 3 was okay.

Oh, agreed. EP2 is painful. But, all three are varying levels of yuck for me. Despite their massive flaws, I’d take 7-9 over 1-3 any day of the week.

I’m veering off course. Back to Beetles…

Remove every Jar Jar and Boss Nass scene and Phantom Menace would be half way decent

I watched the trailer for Blue Beetle. I found it fun and the special effects in the trailer itself actually are kinda cool. Don’t have a, “Straight to streaming,” vibe as I was worried about. This was going to be an HBO MAX exclusive but got, “Upgraded,” to a theatrical release, right?

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Return of the Jedi, Revenge of the Sith, Empire my top 3 order :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Rogue One.

Everything else is a distant 2nd.

But everyone seems to be talking skywalker saga…so ill. Pre Empire.

I like the Ewok spin-offs. Watched them a ton as a kid. There, I said it.

I think you should Go hang out in the reprints thread…:

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