Brave and the Bold 200

I went ahead and got a 9.8. Did look at alot of the recommendations on CHU. Takes time. Did really like the cover of the New Gods, so I’ll be looking out for that one if I can get some time to hit some stores or even the flea market. I’ve got so many memorized , and got to thinking rather than throw the towel in and have pissed away the last 5 years memorizing key books, that I’ll keep plunging ahead. MY two comic gurus, have all but given up the hunt. I did take a break for almost a year. Did some unwise buys. Do have two copies of Secret Wars 8, which I didn’t realize until a week ago, have sharply increased. One has writing on the cover .Otherwise the condition is good. Both found in the wild, which was really satisfying.


They need to make a Hotwheel of that Batmobile…


Think I saw an ERTL some years back.

Lucked into The RLC Pink Batmobile. Been hectic few weeks. Forgot to mention. It’s a popular one holding value. I’ma Bat Fanatic, more for personal collection.

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Cool book. I have a well-read raw copy, that is too far gone for grading, but that cover brings back lots of lovely memories of trekking up to central London with a friend to grab the latest releases. Thanks for sharing!

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