"But I'm pretty sure she's my daughter"

Anyone pick up Marvel Comics Presents #6 yesterday? Thoughts?

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Is that the only pane or was there more? I didn’t even bother with this book. Probably still won’t bother with it by chasing it. Buy low, sell high, that’s the name of the game.

She’s blonde with boobs… that’s why there’s FOMO… all these nerds having nerdgasms over the new gal… :wink:

But also…

And of course:

Yeah, I think everyone’s banking on the next NYX for sure…

I’ve lost count on Wolvie’s kids … :vulcan_salute:

He’s lived a long life. Snikt-down a lot of chicks…

And I’m sure he’ll still continue having babies long after we’ve been “cremated”… :wink:

The Dude is a Playa … :vulcan_salute:

It’s an easy money maker…all that really matters to me on this book. Loved the one local shop that played the “we didn’t get any game”. As if I won’t notice it on the back wall or their ebay site lol.

She showed up in full in #5. Called a cameo I guess.

One can have a full first appearance in one book but the market swings for another book… the market works in mysterious ways!

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Found an article with a ton of images from all the relevant parts for the whole series at that place you hate.
“So… Wolverine’s Daughter. First appearance as narrator, Marvel Comics Presents #1. Conceived in Marvel Comics Presents #3. First on-panel appearance Marvel Comics Presents #5. First claws-out Marvel Comics Presents #6. And maybe a naming in Marvel Comics Presents #7.”

Now #5 is shooting up. It is the 1st Appearance. Apparently she’s been the narrator since issue #1 and they did the make the baby thing in #3. Pictures of all that at the other place.

The question that hasn’t been answered yet is, are there any other children that are regular biological children from Logan in this time and reality? X-23 is a clone that was adopted. I know it’s funny to make fun of all the alternate universe, reality, continuity and timeline children but how many are legit?

Yes Daken, both the Japanese girls, and Gunhawk, Shadowstalker, Fire Knives, Saw Fist, Cannon Foot. I believe Wolverine didn’t know they existed. Erista is as well and in the Savage Land which I think falls in the 616.

I like her more than X23 and I’m a big X23 fan with every key and variant worth owning. 1.Shes Pretty 2. Diamonds are a girls best friend, her claws appear to be made out of diamonds or ice, which is cool because admantium and vibranium don’t exist in the real world but diamonds do. 3. She has other powers, she may be one of the the most powerful characters in Marvel comics. She’s most likely Emma Frost’s daughter which makes her a mix of the Cuckoos and X23. If Emma is not her mother only people that have powers like she uses is Scarlet Witch or Jean Grey. If she’s Jean Grey and Wolverines daughter this book will be $1000 9.8 in 5 years it might anyways.

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Could also be irrelevant in 5 years too… :wink:

Is that even a thing? 1st narration?

Do you have images of the panels that she shows up in in #5?

The whole 1st cameo, full, narration now… it’s just getting out of hand if you ask me. It almost takes the fun out of comics and the real reason we have them.