"But I'm pretty sure she's my daughter"

Its no more out of hand then it has always been. The precedent being IH181/180, dating back to the mid seventies. And I think the mystery is half of the fun. Different strokes, I suppose.

Maybe I just find this one kinda boring. Do we really need yet another wolverine or character with retractable claws that come out of their hands? Related to Wolverine or not, just… blah… creators seem to have lost all creativity when it comes to creating new characters.

Buy low, sell high and flip’em if you got’em I say.

Found it.

#5 is a very small, 1 panel cameo. I think #6 will hold the value as she is in several panels, shows her diamond claws and is recognized as Wolverines daughter in #6.

Again, nothing new for comics. You cant say, on the 24th kid, that it is no longer original. That argument went out the window after the 2nd kid.

Oh I know… but honestly, out of them all, most only know about X23… this is just nothing new. Why people are going crazy for this new one is beyond me.

Trying to figure out the human condition is a thankless, endless, impossible job. Just enjoy the character if you do like her, forget her if she’s not your thing and all the mean while, flip those books to buy what you really want, while the gettin’ is good.

I don’t understand why people like virgin covers. W/O trade dress it is not a true comic book cover, imo, but I will still flip them to those that want them, and I will never ask why.

Oh for sure. If I find any copies, I’m gonna grab to flip myself. I actually saw these on the shelf on new comic book day. I pass these over most of the time. Who’d da thunk a blonde illegitimate child of Logan with diamond claws would make the nerds go crazy… :stuck_out_tongue:

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I like some virgin variants but I don’t seek them out myself usually. I’m kind of with you on them, just don’t have that comic book feel without the dressing on them.

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1:25 2nd print…first cover appearance + first full appearance + first “powers” + low print run…

Seems like a winner to me unless everyone gets tired of his character by then…

Me? I got my eye on another comic and will flip these while the flipping is good to put towards that comic.

If you can battle all the pop ups that page has all the panels and images.

During, what seems to me to be, a relatively slow time in the Spec Market, folks are looking for anything that might have a shred of potential … :vulcan_salute:

Daken’s from another universe so Wolverine’s not his actual father.

Other than Cannonfoot who apparently kicks rocks none of the rest appear to have any super powers or even claws.

The Erista one sounds interesting and does appear to have claws and a healing factor even if I’ve never heard of him but definitely doesn’t sound as marketable as the blond.

I can’t remember where I saw anything about the Japanese girls and googling Japanese girls doesn’t end up looking at what I was hoping to be looking at.

That sounds like about 8 illegitimate children since 1850. Great Grandma had 17 children but all hers are legitimate. Unfortunately none of those had claws either.

1.Shes Pretty 2. Diamonds are a girls best friend, her claws appear to be made out of diamonds or ice, which is cool because admantium and vibranium don’t exist in the real world but diamonds do. 3. She has other powers, she may be one of the the most powerful characters in Marvel comics. She’s most likely Emma Frost’s daughter which makes her a mix of the Cuckoos and X23.

It appears issue #3 has her origin/ baby making and shows her mother. 2 panels on 2 different pages in issue 5 for 1st Appearance, it looks like with one being the fuzzy memory panel of Wolverine recognizing the scent.

Are they diamond? They sound mystical enhanced (mom’s contribution) and/or maybe plain bone claws heated up like Wolverines do now. Diamond sounds too brittle like Emmas neck getting cracked in the movie.

I’m still trying to wrap my head around the Gunhawk thing. Gunhawk predates 1st Wolverine by almost 4 years. Wolverine was supposed to be born in the 1880’s where Gunhawk had to be born around 1850, maybe earlier to be active in the 1870’s as an adult.

Also, is he really at fault for her being illegitimate if mom blinked away for 20 years while he was still in the bed sleeping off the dirty deed? (Marvel Comics Presents #3 for reference)

With her being 19 she’s already too old to hang around with him based on his history of liking them younger. She’ll have to go straight to her own series instead side kicking with dad.

Which one came over from the Ultimate Universe? Wasn’t that Daken?

Either way, blonde and stabby sounds way more likely to get developed long term than anyone else on the list.

Too soon to start day dreaming about an A-Force movie appearance?

I don’t do Bleeding Cool… they’re the devil…

Oh stahp

Bleeding Stool

Ha ha!

Daken was born in the 616/main Universe. There was a blonde kid who came over from the Ultimate Universe. Jimmy, was his name.