"But I'm pretty sure she's my daughter"

Thank you. I haven’t read the Daken stories yet but I knew one of them had popped up in the Blues which was Jimmy.

I’m not sure what the specific evilness for BleedingCool is since you haven’t told me but other than the annoying stupid amount of pop ups making reading a pain sometimes I occasinaly see stuff there I don’t see elsewhere like info on all 4 issues of relevance in this case with images that make me want to actually read all 6 now that were planted on my maybe later list.

Print run for 1st month distribution numbers from comichron
2-- 18,457
3–24,995 but Marvel doubled orders for free so stores only ordered half that.
4-- 13,993
5-- 15,023

People have been reporting tons of color rub and damage problems for the covers so overall it’s a small print run series with what sounds like high grade copies could be scarce.

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Its more than the ads they have. I wont go into details, I just dont do BC and neither does Anthony.

I liked the ghost rider/Danny Ketch story in MCP6. Is there plans to bring him back? Maybe I should read the marvel previews from this month…

Marvel is also putting out a Ghost Rider #1 True Believers, 1st Danny Ketch, in 2 months. Its in this weeks Marvel Previews. Why is Marvel suddenly pushing Ketch in their books?

Marve Previews this month has him in Carnage Absolute Vengeance.

Boom goes the dynamite!

What do you think of the potential of the 2nd print 1:25 variant, @Alana? What do you think is a fair pre order price for the 1:25 2nd MCP6? Im curious about your opinion on that.

What does it cost a shop to order 25 copies?

I’m assuming $2.50 each? So 26 x $2.50…So assuming the shop gets to keep 24 or 25 of the regular cover to try to make some money off it…$60 seems fair.

I paid 45 free shipping there’s some out there for for $49.99 free shipping. Some listed as high as $80. If the character sticks around which I think she will regardless of what Hickman does with the X-men I think it’s got potential not quite X23 potential but definitely above Honey Badger. If in two years time this new character gets her own series and is squaring off with X23 she then maybe the next X23. I think second print 1:25 will stay around the same as the first print because the low print of the 1st print and 2nd print run will be massive because of the 1:25 variant.

Online shops probably sell larger volume of the 2nd print and can take on more risk. What worries me is this is before FOC and I think he peak hype is now…this 1:25 may go the route of Immortal Hulk 2nd print 1:25.

Diamond’s discount tiers range from 35% to 59% off cover price although I suspect some of the giants have negotiated bigger or better deals.

Stores pay shipping on the weight and number of boxes delivered so that can vary anywhere from maybe a nickel a book to as high as 22 cent a book sometimes on smaller orders with COD terms.

Most ship in a board and bag that costs extra also.

$60 should be about break even for many stores for the 25 copy ratio. At that point all the profit potential falls into how many of the 2nd Printing copies you can sell and at what price? Keep in mind a $60 E-Bay sale may have $9 or more of that going to PayPal and E-Bay in fee’s so $60 might not cover it by itself.

Even if the store cannot sell any of the 2nd Printings, the purchase of 25 copies plus the ratio adds $129.74 cent to the Marvel order totals that the future discount tiers are based on so it helps to keep those discounts up or increase them in the future for other items or at least reducing the cost of unsellable inventory in the future. An easy example, the shelf right beside the empty spot where Marvel Comics Presents was stacked up and falling off the shelf Wednesday morning, is an even bigger disaster of unsold copies of Marvels which is a reprint of an existing series where the new comics are costing more than what the original prints with the cool acetate covers have been selling for the last decade or so. ( I knew I should have skipped ordering that reprint series until it’s offered in the True Believers $1 line.)

Up until Midnight Monday stores can go directly on Diamonds website and increase their orders for MCP6 2nd so don’t fall for the E-bay ad’s flashing “LAST COPY” today.

Overall the 2nd Printing sounds like it’s an easy bet to surpass the low print run of the 1st Print.

#5 on the other hand has 2 separate pages where she appears on. Some are calling it cameo, others are saying since it’s multiple panels/pages it counts as 1st Appearance.

#5 hasn’t been offered for a 2nd Printing so for now at least it should end up being the issue harder to acquire in the future with only 15,000 copies out the door the 1st month according to Comichron. (You’ll have to add the invoice totals from Comichron for June and July now that it’s sold out at Diamond to figure out total print run.)

What worries me is this is before FOC and I think he peak hype is now…this 1:25 may go the route of Immortal Hulk 2nd print 1:25.

There are some differences. IH 16 second print ratio wasn’t new art, it was a recoloring of the original ratio. This cover should actually count as 1st Cover appearance!!!

Nothing special happened in IH 16’s story, good story but no 1st’s so to speak of so the standard cover had no reason to sell high and still hasn’t. This book has other perks as well from other stories Alana and some of the others who have read it can tell you more about and for that matter, it sounds like most of issues 1 to 5 do as well.

Peak hype as you put it may not have happened yet outside the die hard speculators. They haven’t given her a name yet so with 3 more issues to come at least in this story she should continue to get more word of mouth spreading around as she does more and we learn more about her. The additional Printing will bring more exposure as stores advertise the later printings arrivals and they start popping up on weekly arrival lists. Every time Immortal hulk got a number of reprintings, sales for the series and keys increased. any advertising/increased exposure is a good thing.

Long term I would imagine it settling into a $40 to $50 window for RAW copies of #6 but I see room for #5 to move a good bit more, especially with the undercutters now setting in and dumping copies when some count it as more than just a cameo since it has her on TWO pages in #5. Anything higher than that is going to depend of what Marvel comics or the MCU does with her. They could Bendisize it or develop it in a way that she becomes a major key that’s popular in the future. Noone knows yet which way Marvel will go which is why it’s speculating/guessing. With prices already beyond the $50 price #5 seems like the safer bet to me now, lower buy in for the investment right now which leaves a bigger long term gain potential. The #6 Ratio if you want a little more risk with a little more potential upside. Any of the above if you can find a store with their head in the sand that doesn’t follow CHU and has them on the shelf at cover. Double cover for any of the issues due to the low print run isn’t outrageous for a low print run series with this much rub/damage reported. Sounds like all 9 will be in demand for a years if they don’t Bendisize on the back end.

If you have a store subscription service with great discounts on 7 thru 9 you might put a few dollars there as well. I imagine many stores like myself have sold out of everything but the FREE copies of #3 by now so there’s no reason to shelf stock heavy on 7, 8 and 9 without something specific announced. I had already cut back my order for #7 to only one copy for the shelf and I don’t have a reason to increase it at this point other than spec potential for name and more on the origin side.

Cameos are first appearances. They’re just brief appearances. The market decides which appearance is the most valuable though.

I liked the ghost rider/Danny Ketch story in MCP6. Is there plans to bring him back? Maybe I should read the marvel previews from this month…

It is two separate pages, but one page it is just Logan remembering her image (scent) from the 1st page. So in MCP5, she is seen in one panel in the background, then towards the end of the story she is seen again via Logans mind (as he recalls when he picked up her scent from the former mentioned panel). The second panel she appears in is literally a memory of the first panel where she appeared in the background.

Besides that, I think the market has already decided which book is her 1st full. And that is MCP6.

It’s one panel used twice same picture with a blur and different background. Non speaking non using powers unnamed cameo.

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Even if some authority claims MCP5 as first overall appearance (which it is)… Market swinging for MCP6. #5 is her first apparance which is sub classified as cameo and #6 is actual second appearance but is sub classified as her first full appearance. :slight_smile:

Cameo is appearance.
First Full is appearance.
If they’re in the book in any fashion, its a type of appearance.

Those are Poyos standards and terms at least.

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There’s a lot of goodness in MCP#6 that’s going unnoticed Chromium Deadpool and a few other 1st appearances.

I usually dont like falling into these spec traps, but I could not resist, for whatever reason. I ended up preordering a copy of the 1:25 for $50. I hemmed and hawed but pulled the trigger, at a local shop. The shop is local so I should be able to pick the stack on release day before all his online orders are filled, which should greatly increase my chances of getting a 9.8 candidate. That helped justify the price to me.

Sounds like FOMO kicked in while falling into spec trap… :stuck_out_tongue:

I had customers just yesterday migrating towards #5. The “market” hasn’t decided anything after only 5 days. That’s something that may take months or years.

Either way, #6 is the Second Appearance. You can add on 1st Full appearance or 1st claws out or anything like that but some people are going to count it as #6 being the Second, which it is.

#7 might be Third appearance, 1st Name or 1st Full origin or whatever adjectives you can toss out to make it easier for you to get higher prices for your copy when you sell.