Calvin Ellis

New 52 Action Comics #9 has been getting some attention maybe worth a look at.
Calvin Ellis 1st app was in Final Crisis #7.

No debate about Final Crisis 7…this book is hot because of the cover/slab worthy. But FC7 will catch up, I’m sure.

Holding on to my copy for now…rescued it from my short box of “could care less about” comics…

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I typically have a running notebook I simply jot down books I see or hear things about. This was a book I wrote down yesterday & looked for today at my shop among other things/new books. I don’t always pay attention to what they are “going for” in some cases.
At any rate, my shop had three…I picked out a beautiful 9.8 candidate at slightly above cover & left the others while crossing it off the list. Prolly should have grabbed another but actually didn’t realize just how hyped it had gotten and was glad to have a copy & moved on to the next book on the list. Hopefully it made someone elses day lol.

I found both books in separate $20 lots

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Don’t you just love lots? They’re often overlooked and I’ve found some gems in lots of books over the years. Recently found Captain Marvel 14 &17 in a lot of CM books. Paid 1/4 of just what 14’s going for.

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Got an offer for $40 for my NM copy of Final Crisis 7. Should I take it?

Always… especially if you bought it at cover… :wink:


absolutely. Sold.

Used the funds to buy an ASM 797 Mayhew variant, cgc 9.8! (That’s right @jcLu…finally pulled the trigger!)

Now to hit the lcs’s tomorrow and see if there are any more hanging around…

Sell it like it’s hot…sell it like it hot…sell it like it’s hot



BTW, everyone chasing Action 9 as a first cover has got it wrong.

First cover is Final Crisis 7, black cover. Check it out.



Huh, good point about cover. It is a cameo cover appearance though? Can you have a cameo on the cover?

And they put dressing all over his face… sigh!

No such thing as a cameo cover.

Tell it like it is, “1st cover, head only, face partially obscured.”

Then AC9 can be first cover of full face and partial body, legs. It shown.

There was some comic I was arguing was not a full cover appearance because their shoes were “cut off” the page…can’t remember what book though…

Venoms first cover is a head only

So is Darkseid’s head only, Thanos’s 1st cover he looks like a little purple Oompa Loompa